Gud n Free Allergy Friendly Restaurant Now Open!

Gud n Free is now open! The allergy friendly restaurant had its grand opening today at 11 am and is now serving an wide variety of dishes that anyone will enjoy, but especially those of us whose food allergies limit our options at other restaurants. I didn't have time today for a whole meal, but I popped in for a little treat and really enjoyed their brownies! Some of the other diners there had ordered burgers or chicken strips and they looked delicious. I will definitely be back another day to try some of their meals! Currently they serve burgers, sandwiches, chicken strips, fries, cheese balls, fruit cups, soups, and salads, plus bottled drinks, chips, and brownies. They said they're discussing cupcakes and smoothies with their supplier, so if those meet their standards, they may be available later in the summer! I'm especially excited abut the cupcakes, as they may be the key to accommodating food allergies for class parties!
Most of the entrees were about $7-8ish, but soup was $2-3, so even diners on a budget would be able to easily find something yummy in their price range.
The owners were there when I came in so I got to meet them, and I found them to be very friendly and knowledgeable about their food and about allergy safety (they started the restaurant after experiencing the frustration of trying to safely eat out with their kids who have celiac disease)

The restaurant was clean and cheerful. It felt relaxed, and I appreciated that it didn't fall into the sensory overload trap so many restaurants do.

Gud n Free is located at 3120 Floyd Blvd (across the street from Walmart, in the new strip mall directly north of Pizza Ranch and south of Outer Drive.) You can follow Gud n Free on Facebook to stay up to date with their latest menu additions, hours, and more!