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Siouxland Back to School

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The smell of crayons and erasers wafting through stores from Hy-Vee to Target can mean only one thing: it's back to school time in Siouxland. 2020 is an extra unusual year, but I will try to keep this post updated the best I can as things change! Feel free to e-mail me if you have an update I should know about! 
You may also be interested in my guide to homeschooling in Siouxland. 

Sioux City Public Schools

Sioux City, IA

Bishop Heelan Catholic Schools

Sioux City, IA

Siouxland Christian School

Sioux City, IA

South Sioux City Public Schools

South Sioux City, NE
  • Currently planning in-person return to school on 8/13 & 8/14
  • Watch for details and updates on their website

Dakota Valley Public Schools

North Sioux City, SD
  • Currently planning in-person return to school on 8/13
  • Watch for details and updates on their website

Other Siouxland Schools

  • Westwood CSD
    • Sloan, IA
    • New student registration 8/13
    • Elementary Open House 8/20
    • First day of School 8/24
    • Full details, supply lists, and more here


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