Siouxland Families Eat!

Sioux City is a bustling city in the middle of some of the best farmland in the world and I think our food scene reflects that. You can find fresh local produce at our Farmer's Market, delicious favorites at locally owned restaurants, and a wide variety of chain restaurants with almost any type of cuisine you could want. I haven't tried them all, but I'd like to, and I'd love to share that journey with you as I do! This page is a landing place to find all the best food related posts from the Siouxland Families Blog, so check back anytime to see the latest restuarant deals, openings, and reviews. Bon Appetit!

Restaurant Reviews

We love supporting Siouxland restaurants and hope to bring you many reviews for our favorites here and may occasionally receive free meals in exchange for honest reviews; if we do we will disclose this on the review page, and if not specified, we paid for our meals at regular price. 

If you are a restaurant who would like to be reviewed by us or a Siouxland parent who would like to suggest a review, please e-mail me!