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Bacon Creek Park

in background, a small lake sits below a grassy hill, with a small forested area visible on the opposite shore. in foreground, the words "Bacon Creek Park" and "

I'm back with another of my favorite Siouxland locations for outdoor fun! Bacon Creek Park is a popular park for Sioux City families, and if you haven't been yet, you're in for a treat. Here are the full details on Bacon Creek Park:

What is Bacon Creek Park?

a forested area just off the main trail at Bacon Creek Park in Sioux City Iowa

Bacon Creek is a 239 acre city park in the northeast of Sioux City, centered around Bacon Creek Lake, with trails, a dog park, and play structures! The park is free to visit and open to the public and includes woodland and wetland habitats.

Where is Bacon Creek Park?

Bacon Creek Park is found at 5015 Correctionville Road in Sioux City, IA. There are several parking lots along the road in the park.

Trails and Amenities at Bacon Creek Park

There's tons of fun at Bacon Creek! 
  • Trails: 
    • There are several paths and trails at Bacon Creek Park, but most connect as a large loop around the creek that ends up being about 3 miles long. The trail is paved and wide, so it's a great place for walking with strollers, wheelchairs, or other mobility aids! However it is a bit hilly,  There is also a mountain bike trail that goes around the park for a total just over 6 miles.
a short bridge with ruddy metal rails crosses Bacon Creek along the trails at Bacon Creek Park
a wooden sign with golden letters provides information about the "woodland community" at Bacon Creek Park

  • Play structures: 
    • There are two large play structures at Bacon Creek along the park road. The one nearer the park entrance is larger and with more options. 
part of a large play structure at Bacon Creek Park
a khaki and green play structure at Bacon Creek Park

  • Picnic tables: 
    • There are many picnic tables and a few grills scattered throughout the park, along with several shelters. The shelter near the park entrance is the biggest and is ideal for large events.
  • Restrooms:
    • There are several restrooms at Bacon Creek, but all are on the east side of the park along the park road, so be sure to use one before heading to the far side of the creek!

Bacon Creek Lake

Bacon Creek  is a great place for fishing, kayaking, or canoeing! The lake itself is small, about 34 acres with a maximum depth of 25 feet. There are several modern, well-maintained docks that visitors can use for fishing, but no boats or other equipment rental are available, so please bring your own and don't forget life jackets if you'll be enjoying the water! Fishing licenses are required for people over 16 to fish in Iowa waters. The creek is also home to many geese, and it's so fun to see them out swimming around! According to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, the lake at Bacon Creek has:
  • Black Crappie
  • Bluegill
  • Channel Catfish
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Rainbow Trout
A wooden sign with golden letters provides information about the "wet wonderland" at Bacon Creek Park

A mostly pale blue and golden sunset reflects on the lake at Bacon Creek Park, while shade on the trees causes a silhouette effect

Bacon Creek Dog Park

Bacon Creek has a dog park just above the main parking area. The dog park is Sioux City's only off-leash dog park! Many families also enjoy walking their dogs along the paved trail, so be prepared to see lots of furry friends on your walk around Bacon Creek. 

the dog park at Bacon Creek Park is visible from the main parking area
The dog park is fenced in an area just uphill from the main parking area

For more information

For more info and the latest updates on Bacon Creek, visit the Sioux City Parks & Rec Department


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