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April Events for Siouxland Kids and Families

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Perfect Day Iowa is the Iowa travel guide you need for summer 2024

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of both my publisher Reedy Press (I wrote 100 Things to do in Sioux City and Siouxland Before You Die for one of their travel guide series in 2020) and of Sara Broers, the queen of Midwest travel. So, when I heard that she was writing a new book for them, Perfect Day Iowa , I reached out to see whether they were looking for bloggers to review it. To my delight, they were, and they sent a free copy for review purposes. Here's what you should know about this wonderful new travel guide: Perfect Day Iowa is the latest book in the Reedy Press Perfect Day series in which local travel experts around the nation share their best one-day itineraries for their area--what should you do if you have just one day in a certain area or town? Who wrote Perfect Day Iowa? For the Iowa edition, they turned to Sara Broers, who I like to think of as the Queen of Midwest Travel. I've written about her before, most recently when I reviewed her boo

Chef Al's Snack Shop brings fresh flavors to North Sioux City

A hardworking local chef is bringing big flavor to Siouxland with his new snack shop in a North Sioux City strip mall. This cute little store features his signature salsas and tons of other great local products, and I visited this spring with my kids to find out what the hype is all about. I was impressed with the delicious treats and the customer service and professionalism of the chef, so I'm excited to share all about it with you! Read on for the full story of Chef Al's: What is Chef Al's Snack Shop? Chef Al's Snack Shop is the home of Chef Al's Sioux Salsa and other snacks and treats from Chef James Alger and his wife, and from other great brands especially other locally owned small businesses. Where is Chef Al's Snack Shop? Chef Al's Snack Shop is located at 554 River Drive in North Sioux City, South Dakota in the Parkside Plaza shopping area. The shopping area is right next to North Sioux City's City Hall,

NFL alum Jordan Kent bringing his Just Kids Skills Camp to Sioux City!

#sponsored Wide Receiver Jordan Kent played for the Seattle Seahawks and the St. Louis Rams and now, he wants to teach your kids about sports, character, and nutrition at his Just Kids Skills Camp! I did some research when I first heard about the camps and was so impressed that I signed up for their mom squad to help spread the word. So here's the scoop on what Jordan Kent's Just Kids Skills Camps are, who Jordan is, and how to get your children signed up for our local Sioux City Just Kids Skills Camp.  What is Just Kids Skills Camp? Just Kids Skills Camp is Jordan Kent's award-winning, reimagined take on the classic sports camps, for kids ages 6 to 12.  There are three primary focus areas at the Just Kids Skills Camps: Sports : Campers get to learn about and practice football, basketball, and soccer skills. And kids can choose all three or just one, so easy to make it a perfect week of camp for each participant. Character : The Just Skills Camps make it a priority to teach

April First Update: Best Toilets in Siouxland

#AprilFools Big announcement : from now on, I will be posting exclusively about the toilets of Siouxland . As I looked back at my old posts, I realized that one of my most popular posts ever was one from 2020 about finding toilet paper, and I thought, hey, I need to give the people what they really want: more toilet related content. So, I am going to try to review every public restroom in Siouxland and bring you the toilet talk you want and need. To kick it off, here is what I'm sure will be my very most popular post ever: the ultimate guide to the best toilets in Siouxland.  This post is just the start of all the new toilet related content, so as I write in-depth reviews of the bathrooms here, I will be sure to link them. Please let me know what features you'd like to see included, like toilet paper thickness, auto flush or not, hand dryers or paper towels, and whether the soap and such are kept well stocked. I will also look at the park bathrooms in Siouxland and let you know

Rhea Lana's Presents Sioux City's New Kids' Consignment Event!

***UPDATE in progress to include Spring 2024 event details!*** T his post is sponsored by Rhea Lana's of Siouxland  Have you ever seen the meme about it being customary for Midwesterners to explain, upon being complimented on an article of clothing, that they acquired it at a significant discount? Well, it's funny because it's true! Here in Siouxland, we know the value of hand-me-downs and how buying used items can save money and reduce waste. And Rhea Lana's plays into that perfectly! Here's how: What is Rhea Lana's? Rhea Lana is a children's consignment chain known for their high standards and guided by the saying "Moms helping Moms". Community members can resell their used items through the local Sioux City Rhea Lana sales events, run by a really kind local mom named Katy, and then Rhea Lana's pays the person who brought in the items (about 65 % if you label, price, and drop-off your items yourself, or 35% if you use Rhea Lana&#