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Guide to Music and Theater in Siouxland

Fine arts abound in Siouxland! Here's where to catch the best choral and instrumental music, musicals, plays, dinner theatre, and more in Sioux City, Sioux Falls, and other nearby communities in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota:  Live Music in Siouxland The Browns Le Mars, IA This northwest Iowa family has serious pipes, and puts them to good use singing for audiences across the nation, and right here in Siouxland! When they aren't on the road, the Browns perform at the Browns Century Theater in Le Mars. For more information, visit the Browns website or follow them on Facebook . Rockestra Sioux City, IA Sioux City Rockestra is America's first professional rock orchestra! Founded in 2004, Rockestra has been providing quality entertainment since, including several CDs.    For more information, check out the Rockestra website or follow Rockestra on Facebook Sioux City Municipal Band Sioux City, IA Catch delightful instrumental music in Siouxland from your friends and nei

Disney Princess Live: the Concert at the Sioux City Orpheum

Grab your favorite tiara and your best tulle skirt, because princesses are taking over the Orpheum and you're invited to join in the fun! What is Disney Princess: the Concert? Disney Princess Live is a show full of everyone's favorite songs from classic Disney princesses! Even better, the songs will be performed live by talented singers from the Broadway stage, including multiple Tony-award-nominees and a Grammy award nominee! Some of the stars include:  Susan Egan, the voice of Megara in the 1997 Disney animated Hercules and Tony-award-nominee for Best Leading Actress in a Musical for her role as Belle in the Broadway version of Beauty & the Beast (she was the first to hold the role!) Laura Osnes, the voice of Cinderella in Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella on Broadway and Tony-award-nominee for Best Leading Actress in a Musical for the Broadway version of Bonnie & Clyde (2012) and Cinderella (2013) Courtney Reed, the voice of Jasmine in Aladdin on Broadway,

State and County Parks in Siouxland

There are so many great places to hike, fish, ski, and enjoy nature in Siouxland! Here are some of the best state parks within 1 hour of Sioux City, and why you might love them. Know of a park I should add to the list? Send me an email or leave a comment to tell me which one! State & County Parks in Iowa Brown's Lake & Bigelow Park Salix 600 acre lake with a 36 acre park Includes a swim beach, fishing dock, play structure, electric and non-electric campsites, a showerhouse, and more! Read more about Brown's Lake and Bigelow Park from the Woodbury County Parks Hillview Recreation Area Hinton 275 acre park with a 3.3 acre pond Includes hiking, equestrian, and snowmobile trails, a tubing hill in winter, a disc golf course, and campsites and camping cabins to stay in! Read more about Hillview Recreation Area from Plymouth County Conservation Five Ridge Prairie Westfield 964 Acres Features hiking trails with impressive views of the northern tip of the loess hills, and a cab

Parents' Guide to May Baskets

Who doesn't love finding a little basket or bag of treats left by a friend or loved one on their doorstep? And, what kid doesn't love the thrill of the ding-dong-ditch?? Well May first, we get to make it a reality, and here's how: What are May Baskets? May Baskets are little "baskets" (or buckets or paper cones..but more on that in a minute!) full of treats, delivered to loved ones and neighbors on May 1st.  For more than a century, Midwest families have been celebrating the first day of May with May Baskets, bringing joy to givers and recipients alike. This old-fashioned spring celebration has its roots in European spring traditions, but has changed somewhat in modern times. The tradition of leaving flowers or treats on doorsteps was a favorite of many immigrants to the US in the late 19th century, and has been done in the Siouxland area specifically since at least the 1880s. I even found record of it in the 1880s in some old newspaper records from Nebraska, Sout

Siouxland Pools & Swim Lessons

Get ready to splash and dive! I'm excited to share the best places to swim in Siouxland, water safety tips, and where to find swim lessons in the Sioux City area! Swimming can be one of the best forms of exercise, along with tons of fun, and it's important to make sure you and your family are ready to be safe in the water! Water safety in Siouxland I had the chance to chat with Kristin Rager, a mom of 4 kids and certified Infant Swim Resource Instructor about pool safety for kids and I was really impressed. This isn't a sponsored post--her message is just important enough that I wanted to share it.  One of Rager's kids nearly drowned as a toddler when Rager turned away for a second to put sunscreen on her then-preschooler. When Rager looked back, her 18 month-old daughter was gone. She ran to the water, terrified, and dove in to rescue her daughter immediately. Rager got to her daughter in time and she's a happy, healthy kid (and a great swimmer) now. But the inci

Siouxland Family Guide to the Sioux City Farmer's Market

Sioux City sits amidst some of the best farmland in the entire world. So it's no surprise we have a farmer's market full of delicious produce, meat, honey, and lots of other fun! Here's what families should know about the Sioux City Farmer's Market:  Here's a peek at a visit I took to the Sioux City Farmer's Market in 2019:  Want to know more? Here are the full details: Where is the Sioux City Farmer's Market? For the 2019 season, the Sioux City Farmer's Market returns to the parking lot west of the Tyson Events Center on Tri-View Avenue. When is the Sioux City Farmer's Market? The Sioux City Farmer's Market is open every Wednesday and Saturday from 8am to 1pm from May through October. There are usually more vendors and special events on Saturdays. discussing the varieties of vegetables for sale today  What can you buy at the Sioux City Farmer's Market? The Sioux City Farmer's Market has a huge variety of fu