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August Events in Siouxland for Kids and Families

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September Events in Siouxland for Kids and Families

  Every month I bring you the best things to do in Sioux City and Siouxland, from storytimes and crafts to music festivals, streaming concerts, and holidays from silly to serious. This month, some of the highlights include Art Splash and the openings of local sunflower farms, apple orchards , and pumpkin patches !  I hope this event list inspires you to go make some happy memories with your family this month!  * Now updated for September 2022 * Thurs 9/1 10am: Storytime at the Woodbury County Library in Moville, IA 1-4pm: Jam Session at the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center, FREE to listen and/or play 7:05pm: Sioux City Explorers Baseball home game Fri 9/2 7:05pm:  Sioux City Explorers Baseball  home game Sat 9/3 ArtSplash at the Sioux City Art Center *FREE* 8am to 1pm: Sioux City Farmers Market Motocross Labor Day Weekend Races at Fiddler Creek Motocross park in Homer, NE 6:05pm:  Sioux City Explorers Baseball  home game Sun 9/4 ArtSplash at the Sioux City Art Center *FREE* 9:3

TILT Studio: Sioux City's Family Fun Zone!

Sioux City's newest option for family fun is opening on Friday, July 29th, 2022 at 2pm at the Southern Hills Mall and on their website and social media the official name they're using is "Tilt Studio Southern Hills"!  I'm waiting on an e-mail reply from them with answers to some of our questions, and I'll update after I hear back from them and/or after I have a chance to visit it in-person. But based on the info they have shared so far through their website, social media, and via the traditional news media, here's what we know so far about Tilt Studio Southern Hills: What is Tilt Studio Southern Hills? Tilt Studio Southern Hills is a family fun center with a variety of fun activities and games available for guests in over 10,000 square feet of space! Tilt is based in Dallas and runs more than a dozen family fun centers, almost all located at malls across the nation, so you may have seen one in another city while travelling. Each Tilt location is unique, bu

Guide to the Woodbury County Fair

The 2022 Woodbury County Fair is just around the corner, and here's what you should know about attending one of Siouxland's most fun annual events: When is the Woodbury County Fair? The Woodbury County Fair is usually the first week of August from Wednesday through Sunday, with exhibit check-in for most competitions happening Monday before the fair. This year's fair will be August 3rd through 7th, 2022.  Some early events start at 7 or 8am, but most parts of the fair open at 10am, noon, or later. You can check out the full schedule on the Woodbury County Fair website to make sure you don't miss your favorite events and attractions at the Woodbury County Fair! But here are a few highlights: Monday 8/1: drop off entries for most Open Class & 4-H events fair fun not yet open to the public Tuesday 8/2:  drop off for many of the animal events judging for most open class events fair fun not yet open to the public 7pm: Grandstand ATV Rodeo Wednesday 8/3: Most fair fun o

Best Kid Birthday Venues in Sioux City & Siouxland

I'm a big fan of birthday parties, whether they're your immediate family around the dining room table, or a big bash with tons of friends and classmates, and Sioux City has great options for any size party. Here are some things to consider before choosing a venue, and then some recommendations for the best places to host a birthday party in Sioux City! How to choose a birthday venue Choosing a birthday party venue is so simple. And so complicated! Here are some considerations to make before picking. Price : wouldn't it be cool if this wasn't a thing? Unfortunately, it is, and most birthday venues outside of your own home or backyard do have some kind of fee. Make sure the party venue you choose is within your budget, so the birthday party stays fun and not a burden! There are some ways to cut costs, but they often bring risks with them--for example, the city parks are free to use. But if you don't pay to reserve a shelter, that means other people could have alread

Siouxland County Fairs

*Updated for 2022* From the funnel cake and pork tenderloins to adorable live animals, sack races, monster truck races, talent shows, and professional live music, to the glory and defeat from entering competitions, county fairs are one of the best parts of late summer around Siouxland!   If you live in Sioux City, our county fair, the Woodbury County will be August 2nd through 7th, 2022 in Moville, Iowa. You can find more info in my Woodbury County Fair post.  But there are tons of great fairs in the area, and while some restrict competition entries to residents of their own county, all of them are fun to attend no matter where you live!  Here's the scoop on as many other nearby fairs as I could find details for, divided by state and then put in alphabetical order. This post will be updated frequently throughout the summer as more details become available. If you are affiliated with a county fair and have info to share, please e-mail me so I can include it! Iowa Bue

Guide to Crystal Cove Park in South Sioux City, Nebraska

Crystal Cove Park, nestled in a South Sioux residential area, is a cute park well worth a visit! What is Crystal Cove Park? Crystal Cove Park is one of South Sioux City's premier parks, consisting of a 33-acre lake inside a 100-acre park! The park is free and open to the public. The park is home to more than 200 species of birds and other wildlife. Where is Crystal Cove Park? Crystal Cove Park doesn't actually have a specific street address, but for GPS etc. purposes, it's closest to W 39th & Timberline Drive in South Sioux City, Nebraska. There is lots of free parking in the parking lot at Crystal Cove Park. Trails and amenities at Crystal Cove Park Crystal Cove Park has about 1.5 miles of trails, looping around the lake, but that's far from the only thing to do at Crystal Cove! Some other features visitiors love at Crystal Cove include: Disc Golf course : my family has played the first 9 holes, but it got too buggy for us, so we bailed before the second nine.