Meals To-Go from Siouxland Restaurants During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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To help slow the spread of COVID-19, Siouxland restaurants are innovating to help keep Siouxland families well-fed. In line with Iowa emergency regulations, gatherings of more than 10 people and dining in at restaurants are both prohibited, but that doesn't mean you have to stop enjoying the delicious Siouxland food scene.

Free Meals for Sioux City Kids during the COVID-19 Outbreak

A friend took a pic of one of the meals before her kids ate it so people can see what they look like! The specific options may be different each day, but all should include kid-friendly foods including fresh fruits and vegetables!

The Sioux City Public Schools are offering free food for kids 1-18 while the schools are closed! Here's how families with kids can take part in the program, plus scroll to the bottom to see restaurant deals for Siouxland kids:

Siouxland Toilet Paper Finder

Looking for toilet paper in Siouxland or other parts of Siouxland? Here's where to find it! This post will be updated daily, and I encourage you to like the Siouxland Families Blog on Facebook as that is where I will post to share that it has been updated! If it says "sold out" there is no stock confirmed, if it says unknown then I have not yet been able to reach them, and only if it says "yes"  does it mean that there IS toilet paper.

Siouxland Coronavirus Cancellations

As on March 31st, there is at least one reported cases of COVID-19/coronavirus in Nebraska (at least 172 cases and 3 deaths), South Dakota (at least 108, including one death), and Iowa (at least 497, including 7 deaths).

There are confirmed COVID-19 cases in the following Siouxland counties:
  • Clay County, IA
  • Crawford County, IA
  • Lincoln County, SD
  • Monona County, IA
  • Sioux County, IA
  • Turner County, SD
  • Union County, SD
  • Woodbury County, IA
  • Yankton County, SD
For medical information on COVID-19, please visit the CDC's coronavirus page or Mayo Clinic coronavirus page  

This post will share school and event cancellations within 2 hours of Sioux City that are related to coronavirus. I will try to keep it up to date, but I do not run any of these organizations, and I encourage you to seek out their individual websites and social media to confirm closings that affect you. 

March 2020 Things to do with Kids in Sioux City


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Each month I bring you info on family friendly events and activities in the Siouxland Area. If you know of one I have missed, please leave me a comment or send me an email. I will update my lists throughout the month as I hear of new things to do in Sioux City and our surrounding communities, so check back often for the latest scoop! I  recommend checking out my Event Lists tab to find our lists for other months, and this month, you may also enjoy my posts on St. Patrick's Day fun for Siouxland Families, Best Places to Play Inside in Siouxland, Snow Sports in Siouxland, and Best Places to Play Inside in Sioux Falls.

St. Patrick's Day fun for Siouxland Families

*Most 2020 St. Patrick's Day parades and other events have been cancelled in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. Check out my post on Coronavirus-related cancellations for more information and please stay home this St. Patrick's Day*

in background, macro shot of clovers. in foreground, the words "St. Patrick's Day shenanigans in and near Siouxland" and the URL

When Valentine's Day is over, down come the hearts and up go the shamrocks! If you too love the wearin' of the green, shamrock shakes, leprechauns and rainbows, blarney and shenanigans, you're in the right place. There are tons of things to do for St. Patrick's Day in Sioux City and in nearby cities (and cities a wee bit farther away), and here are some of my top picks:

Mardi Gras Fun for Siouxland Families

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Did you know it's already Mardi Gras season? While technically "Mardi Gras" refers to the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, which for 2020 means Tuesday, February 25th, 2020, the Mardi Gras season is celebrating from the time after Epiphany (January 6th, 12 days after Christmas) until the day before Ash Wednesday! And even more fun for Siouxland Families: our sister city is Lake Charles, Louisiana, which is basically the capital of family-friendly Mardi Gras! I reached out to the Lake Charles tourism office, and they responded with tons of Southern hospitality and great ideas for celebrating Mardi Gras with kids. I added a few of my own, and I hope they inspire you to have a great day with your family:

Fred G. Dale Planetarium at Wayne State College

in background, a round room with black walls painted with a moon and stars on them is filled with red and black theater seats and the bottom of a white dome is visible. in foreground, the words "Fred G. Dale Planetarium Wayne Nebraska" and "" sit on a translucent white square.

Nebraska's most advanced planetarium isn't in Omaha or Lincoln, on the campus of a huge university. It's right here in Siouxland, in Wayne, Nebraska, and I got to check it out with my family recently! Here's a peek at what we found, with full details below:

Doesn't it look fun? Here's everything you'll want to know about the planetarium, which is officially known as the Fred G. Dale Planetarium, after Wayne State College professor Fred G. Dale, who taught geography at Wayne State College from the 1920's to the 1960's.

Best Pizza in Siouxland

in background, a cheesy pizza, in foreground "Best Pizza in Siouxland" and ""

Looking for the best pizza in Sioux City and other parts of Siouxland?
I'm excited to tell you about the great pizzerias in and around Sioux City to get delicious pizza. We have a surprising number of tasty options for a city our size, each unique, and there's sure to be one that is exactly the kind of pizza you love. And as a special bonus, our friends at 1000 Degrees Pizza Sioux City are sponsoring a giveaway for a $25 giftcard in honor of National Pizza Day, so be sure to enter on the Siouxland Families Blog Facebook page!

Paw Patrol Live: The Great Pirate Adventure at Sioux City's Tyson Event Center

Graphics and video in this post are used with permission of the Tyson Events Center, who is sponsoring this post. 

Paw Patrol Live! The Great Pirate Adventure is coming to Sioux City! If you have kids in the 2-8ish age range, there's a good chance they know and love the adorable puppy rescue heroes from Paw Patrol and would be thrilled about getting to see them live on stage.
Read on for full details on what to expect, how to buy tickets, and how you can enter to win your tickets for free!

Party like a KC Chiefs Fan!

Amazon links are affiliate links, which means your price stays the same, but I get a tiny bit of Amazon's profits if you choose to buy though the link. 

Football's biggest game is just around the corner, and the KC Chiefs are officially in it!!! I've had a KC Chiefs fan idea board on Pinterest for years, but thought it might be more convenient to have my favorite ideas all together in one blog post. So if you're looking for ways to party like a KC Chiefs fan this February, check out these ideas:

Michael Cody Drury at the Sioux City Art Center

in background, dirty wooden paintbrushes in a bundle against gray. in foreground, the words "Infinite Jux by Michael Cody Drury at the Sioux City Art Center" and "" and ""

The Sioux City Art Center's latest exhibit is Infinite Jux by Michael Cody Drury, opening 1/25/2020. Here's what you should know about it:

Valentine’s Date Ideas in Sioux City

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Are you looking for a special way to spend Valentine’s Day in Sioux City? Whether you’re looking for a date that's sporty, foodie, musical, classic, or somewhere in between, Sioux City has great options for romance and fun with your Valentine this February. And in great news for Sioux City parents, the Sioux City Parks and Rec Department is hosting a "Parent's Night Out" on Friday, February 14th from 6-9pm for kids and teens 6-18 at the Long Lines Family Rec Center ($10 for advance registration and $15 at the door,) so your kids can have as much fun as you do while you're out on a romantic date!

So with that in mind, here are my top six recommendations for Valentine’s Day dates in Sioux City: