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Kids' Corner provides hours of fun to little visitors at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center

The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center unveiled their new Kids' Corner in spring of 2024, and when I finally had a chance to check it out with my own kids, we were delighted! It's such a cute corner of the center with lots of options for playful fun! They put the kids' area in the corner of the hallway that leads from the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center's museum side to the Betty Strong Encounter side, and I think that was such a clever use of space that had been previously kind of underused. And then in that corner there are basically two nooks, and inside of two adorable canvas wall tents, there are now a variety of toys and other things that encourage imaginative learning. Here's what you can expect in the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center Costumes and props: there was a big linen-ish shirt, a blue jacket, and a tricorn hat that kids could wear to dress up as members of the Corps of Discovery. One thing I'd love to see added in

Siouxland Splash Pads

Splash pads are popping up across Siouxland, and in this weather, we sure need them! Splash pads are park areas that don't have any standing water like a pool, but have lots of fountains, dumping buckets, sprayers, and other water features kids can run through, under, over, or past to get nice and wet on a hot day. Looking for more aquatic fun in Siouxland? Check out my   Guide to Siouxland Pools & Swim Lessons  and my post about the Siouxland Splash Waterpark opening in 2025! The Sioux City splashpads as a group get mostly rave reviews from local families, but the most common complaint when one comes up is kids slipping. To avoid this, make sure kids are in water shoes with good grip on the bottom, not in flip flops or other shoes with smooth bottoms. And don't forget your sunscreen! Here's where you can go to join in on the refreshing splash pad fun in and around Sioux City (listed alphabetically--they're too good to rank!) All of the splash pads in Si

Guide to Shaughnessy's Bakery in Sibley, Iowa

Shaughnessy's Bakery in Sibley, Iowa probably isn't on your radar yet, but it totally should be! This locally-owned bakery about an hour and 15 minutes northwest of Sioux City has tasty donuts, pastries, cakes, pies and more and I'm excited to share the full details: Where is Shaughnessy's Bakery? Shaughnessy's Bakery is located at 346 9th Street in Sibley, Iowa next to  the Max Theatres . There is street parking in front of the bakery, in front of other 9th street businesses, and just around the corner. We accidentally visited right before they had a town parade, so most of the parking was taken, but we were able to park on a side street and just had a very short walk to the bakery. Shaughnessy's and the rest of Sibley's cute main street are all just off highway 60, right on the way from Sioux City to Worthington, MN and other points north.  It's about an hour and fifteen minutes west from Sioux Falls, SD or about 4

Best Donuts in Siouxland

This Friday is National Donut Day, which is one of my very favorite made up holidays, and I'm excited to share with you (in alphabetical order because they are all too yummy to rank) my top picks of where to celebrate with the best donuts in the Sioux City area! this post was updated in 2024 from the original version written in 2018 Cafe Brule Where: 24 West Main Street in Vermillion, SD Why: Fluffy soft beignets with raspberry or honey dipping sauce, along with lots of other tasty options For more info: Check out the Cafe Brule website or find Cafe Brule on Facebook . Casey's Where:   Over a dozen locations all over Siouxland including 3 in Sioux City Why: best gas station donuts in Siouxland, including the best blueberry donuts in Sioux City For more info: Check out the Casey's website or find Casey's on Facebook Evelyn's W here:   2010 Dakota Avenue, South Sioux City Why:  authentic Mexican pastries including conchas and much more. I esp

In new cookbook, Company, Amy Thielen shares upscale Midwesty fare, fit for a crowd

This new cookbook from Minnesota's Amy Thielen is focused on the idea of cooking for company. Inside, she shares recipes, menus, and ideas suitable for crowds from 6-8 (which is every night for dinner for me as a mom of four) to 20+ (family holidays!) Thank you to W.W. Norton for sending a review copy so that I could check it out and let other readers and home cooks know what to expect. Who wrote Company: The Radically Casual Art of Cooking for Others ? Amy Thielen is a chef and author from Park Rapids, MN who has worked in some of Minnesota's best restaurants, and she is the author of James Beard award-winning cookbook, (affiliate links ahead:)  The New Midwestern Table and a memoir, Give a Girl A Knife . She also hosted Food Network's show Heartland Table for two seasons. What is  Company: The Radically Casual Art of Cooking for Others? This new book is a nod to Midwestern hospitality and tradition, with recipes that will work for everything from casual summe

Celebrate 175 years of Bruguier's Cabin in May 2024!

On Saturday, May 25th, 2024, the girls of '68 are celebrating the 175th anniversary of Bruguier's Cabin, the oldest structure in Sioux City with a special ceremony at the War Eagle Monument. And you're invited! At 10am on the 25th, the Girls of '68 will lay wreaths on the graves of Chief War Eagle and Theophile Bruguier, and guest speakers will share a few words, including Steve Red Buffalo, and Jackie Warnstadt (who previously served as president of Girls of '68.) The Bruguier Cabin was built by Theophile Bruguier in 1849 and is considered the oldest building in Sioux City. He was a French-Canadian fur trader who settled in Sioux City and befriended the Yankton Sioux Chief  Wambdi Okicize  (which literally translates as "Little Eagle", but he was instead called "War Eagle" by his English-speaking contemporaries.) Bruguier went on to marry two of War Eagle's daughters, Dawn and Flaming Cloud, with whom he had a combined total of 13 children.