La Juanitas: Siouxland Family Food Review

La Juanita's is indisputably one of the most iconic restaurants in Siouxland. But how does it stack up for families with kids? Here's our take:

Where: 1316 Pierce Street (find them online on Facebook)
When: Open from 9am to 1am daily and until 2am Friday and Saturday nights
What: authentic Mexican tacos, burritos, and more

Atmosphere: La Juanita's is reasonably clean and very well lit, with cheerful decor, an open kitchen you can watch from the line, and a jukebox playing Mexican music (so bring a few coins to liven up your wait!). During busy times, the line often extends up the stairs and even out the back door towards their parking lot on the East side of the building, so I recommend going with kids during off hours and/or bringing a baby carrier to contain little ones in line. Before 11:30 is your best bet for lunch without much of a wait. Don't let the long lines fool you though-the staff at La Juanita's is remarkably efficient and blazes through orders. There are lots of tables and many people get their orders to go, so its almost always possible to find seating for a family.

Best picks overall: La Juanita's burritos have been nationally recognized for their excellence, and its not hard to see why. However the tacos are also quite good, as is everything else we have tried off their menu (their fish tacos are a surprising favorite and should become a Lenten staple for anyone who eats fish on Fridays!) As a bonus the tacos are very inexpensive $1.25 each-- so its easy to justify trying more than one type! My toddler likes the beef best.
For drinks, I recommend their glass bottled Coke, but they have a wide variety of other fun drinks available too including milk and juice.

Best picks for picky eaters: While the chicken fingers at La Juanita's are kid friendly and inoffensive, anyone picky or not will be glad they went with the cheeseburgers and fries instead. They are surprisingly delicious despite being such a departure from the majority of their menu. Both options are reasonably priced. My older son enjoys both.

Kid friendly amenities?
Bathrooms: yes
Highchairs available: yes
Stroller & wheelchair accessibility: yes, use Pierce Street entrance

Do you love La Juanita's too? Let us know your favorite thing to order there in a comment below!