Sioux City St. Patrick's Day Parade Tonight!

Sioux City's annual St. Patrick's Day parade is tonight, Friday March 17th at 6:30pm! The parade route runs along 4th street from 4th & Iowa to 4th & Water as shown here:

In past years, the parade has been well-attended with lots of candy and beads and other goodies thrown or handed to kids, and according to the organizers' website, more than 50 groups have signed up to participate this year! The parade starts at 6:30, so unless you are the beginning of the parade route, you'll need to wait a bit before the floats and people marching get to where you are! With the fabulous weather today parking and finding a good spot where your kids can see well will likely be your biggest challenges, but based on past years I would say arriving 5-15 minutes before the parade is definitely plenty, and if you want to stand near the end of the route, you could probably even show up after the official start and still easily find parking and a place to stand without missing any of the parade. In past years, I have found that some floats (fire truck with sirens, assorted bands) are so loud as to be unpleasant for some kids when right in front of them, so if your kids are sensitive to loud noises, I recommend bringing ear protection such as noise cancelling headphones.

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