Siouxland Families Eat Sprinkles Donuts

There's a newcomer to the Sioux City donut scene, and Siouxland Families couldn't wait to try it out. Here's what my family thought when we tasted Sprinkles Donuts: 

The basics
Sprinkles Donuts in Sioux City, Iowa, Entrance and Sign

Sprinkles Donut and Coffee Shop is located at 700 Jennings Street, inside the Sugar Shack Bakery building--turn right when you walk in the first set of doors, and you can't miss Sprinkles. Sprinkles Donuts is currently open from 8am to 1pm on Fridays and 8am-noon on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Expanded hours may be coming soon! You can follow them on Facebook, and their Facebook page links to this site, but the site does not appear to be operational yet at time of posting this review.

Our thoughts
My first impression was that Sprinkles is very bright, cheerful, and clean. I was greeted by the owner and her daughter and they were friendly and helpful--"Iowa Nice" doesn't seem like just a stereotype once you meet them! The case was full of cute donuts, including some adventurous toppings like cereal and marshmallows.
Sprinkles Donut case

We tried the mini donuts, cake donuts, and yeasted donuts and spoiler alert: all were delicious!
yeasted and cake donuts from Sprinkles Donuts in Sioux City, Iowa

The yeasted donuts were light and fluffy, as they should be! We definitely thought they were better than grocery store yeasted donuts.
The cake donuts were maybe a little drier than the ones at Jitters, but still very good, and I love the fun options for toppings, The most exciting one I tried this time was chocolate frosting with M&M's!

M&M Donut from Sprinkles Donuts in Sioux City, IA
But the highlight for me was definitely the mini donuts. They offer a variety of creative toppings for their mini donuts, but I'm a sucker for classic carnival fare and tried a bag of their cinnamon sugar mini donuts. They make the mini donuts right there in store as you wait (but the machine is so quick, you don't have to wait long--mine were done before I finished deciding what other donuts I wanted!)
cinnamon sugar mini donuts from Sprinkles
They were hot, fluffy, and sweet, just like donuts are supposed to be. I also thought the cinnamon sugar topping was a perfect blend of cinnamon and sugar. Next time I may try the s'mores flavor though! 
mini donut toppings

The only negative for me was the price. Their regular donuts are $1 each and their specialty donuts are $1.75. While these prices aren't outrageous, they are a few cents higher than Jitters or Sunkist Donuts for a regular donut, and almost a dollar more for the specialty donuts (but that does make sense since they have to buy the specialty toppings!)

  • Good taste
  • Unique variety
  • Nice owners
  • Clean store

  • Price

The bottom line
Sprinkles is a delicious addition to Sioux City's breakfast options and definitely worth a visit. In particular I especially recommend their mini donuts!

Have you tried Sprinkles Donuts yet? What is your favorite  variety of donut they sell so far?