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Best Kid Birthday Venues in Sioux City & Siouxland

I'm a big fan of birthday parties, whether they're your immediate family around the dining room table, or a big bash with tons of friends and classmates, and Sioux City has great options for any size party. Here are some things to consider before choosing a venue, and then some recommendations for the best places to host a birthday party in Sioux City!

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How to choose a birthday venue

Choosing a birthday party venue is so simple. And so complicated! Here are some considerations to make before picking.
  • Price: wouldn't it be cool if this wasn't a thing? Unfortunately, it is, and most birthday venues outside of your own home or backyard do have some kind of fee. Make sure the party venue you choose is within your budget, so the birthday party stays fun and not a burden! There are some ways to cut costs, but they often bring risks with them--for example, the city parks are free to use. But if you don't pay to reserve a shelter, that means other people could have already reserved it, or are free to use it themselves at the same time as you.
  • Food: every venue is different in regard to whether they sell food, allow food, or don't sell or allow food, so make sure the place you want to go allows the food option you want (or that it bans the options you don't want, for example if one of the party guests or hosts has a severe food allergy and you intentionally want to choose a place that doesn't allow food!)
  • Timing: Some of the venues on this list would be amazing birthday party locations during certain seasons (like the pumpkin patch) and not at all other times, so be sure to find one that works with the date of the party! Also consider how the venue could determine ideal time of day; for example, meeting at Jitters donuts before walking to the Sioux City Public Museum could be a really cute morning birthday, while an Explorers game party would need to be in the afternoon or evening when games are!
  • Birthday kid and party theme: Last but definitely not least is to keep in mind the interests of the person whose birthday it is, and the theme of the party. Look for a party venue that will be fun for the guest of honor and lends itself well to the decorations and activities (or lack thereof) you want at the party!

Outdoor Venues for Birthday Parties in Sioux City & Siouxland

Cone Park

3800 Line Drive, Sioux City
    • Tubing, ice skating, and more in winter, and a splash pad and summer tubing in summer!
    • Favor ideas: glow sticks, handwarmers, cotton gloves/mittens in winter; sunglasses, squirt guns, or flip-flops in summer
    • Best for: tweens & teens in winter, preschool & early elementary in summer
    • More info: check out the birthday party page on their website.

Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center

4500 Sioux River Road, Sioux City
    • Room rental and naturalist programs available. And the Nature Playscape isn't rentable--but it's free and open to the public, with plenty of space for your birthday crew. 
    • Favor ideas: s'mores kits, magnifying glasses, bug boxes
    • Best for: preschool & elementary age
    • More info: check out the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center website.

Pumpkin Patches

Dozens of locations throughout Siouxland!
    • In fall, it's hard to beat a pumpkin patch. Scarecrow Farm in Lawton is my top recommendation, but you can also check here for a full list of pumpkin patches in Siouxland!
    • Favor ideas: pumpkins, pumpkin decorating kits, masks
    • Best for: preschool & elementary age

Riverside Park & Miracle Field

1301 Riverside Boulevard, Sioux City
    • The best pool in the city, plus the best inclusive playground for all ages, many other play structures, many picnic shelters, and two splash pads!
    • Favor ideas: beach balls, icee pops, sunglasses, flip flops
    • Best for: all ages!
    • More info: Contact Sioux City Parks & Rec for Riverside Pool and picnic shelters; contact the Miracle League of Sioux City for Miracle Park

Sioux City Explorers Games

3400 Line Drive, Sioux City
    • Professional baseball at Lewis & Clark Park (near Cone Park)
    • Favor ideas: cracker jacks, baseball cards, Explorers fan gear
    • Best for: elementary age, tweens, and teens
    • More info: Check out the Sioux City Explorers website.

Sioux City Railroad Museum

3400 Sioux River Road, Sioux City
    • Old railroad machine shop campus now turned into an expansive museum with trains kids can climb on, touch, and admire, plus a huge model train display
    • Favor ideas: train whistles, conductor caps, toy trains
    • Best for: preschool, elementary age
    • More info: Check out the Sioux City Railroad Museum website

Indoor Venues for Birthday Parties in Sioux City & Siouxland

Drop Zone

3840 Stadium Drive, Sioux City
    • Siouxland's trampoline park, with tons of jumping activities, ninja course, and more!
    • Favor ideas: DropZone socks, sweatbands
    • Best for: all ages
    • More info: Check out the Drop Zone website.

Greatest Escape

kids stand in goggles and messy clothes splattered in paint at the Greatest Escape's Splash Room
Photo used with permission from The Greatest Escape

621 Floyd Blvd, Sioux City

  • 3 Escape rooms with a mad scientist theme, spy theme, and rotating them (Haunted Shack as of October '22) plus a splatter room! Each books separately. 
  • Favor ideas: magnifying glasses, stopwatches, notepads, spy pens
  • Best for: tweens and teens
  • More info: Check out the Greatest Escape website

Iowa School of Beauty

3320 Line Drive, Sioux City


1411 Frankfort Place SE, Orange City
  • Indoor play zone with climbing structures and more
  • Favor ideas: funny socks, temporary tattoos
  • Best for: toddler and preschool age
  • More info: Check out the KinderZone website

LaunchPad Children's Museum

623 Pearl Street, Sioux City
    • LaunchPad Children's Museum offers a variety of hands-on activities that will keep kids busy for hours!
    • Favor ideas: anything from LaunchPad's Odyssey shop!
    • Best for: toddler, preschool and early elementary age
    • More info: Check out the LaunchPad website

Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA

601 Riverview Drive, South Sioux City
  • Gym and pool party options with tons of fun to choose from!
  • Favor ideas: Sweatbands and balls for gym, rock candy if climbing the rock wall, squirt toys and beach towels if pool party! Or pick their premium party pack and enjoy the included favors!
  • Best for: all ages
  • More info: Check out the Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA website

Pickled Palette

4014 Morningside Avenue, Sioux City
    • Pottery and canvas painting options
    • Favor ideas: the item they paint and/or something to go with it (i.e. cocoa packets if everyone paints mugs)
    • Best for: elementary age, tweens, and teens
    • More info: Check out the Pickled Palette website.

Pizza Ranch FunZone Arcade

3116 Floyd Blvd, Sioux City and 912 N. Dakota Street, Vermillion, SD

    • Delicious pizza & chicken buffet with party rooms available, and a huge new arcade 
    • Favor ideas: game tokens
    • Best for: elementary age, tweens, and teens
    • More info: Check out the Pizza Ranch FunZone website

Plaza Bowl

3828 Stadium Drive, Sioux City
    • Bowling alley with food and fun!
    • Favor ideas: novelty socks, glow sticks
    • Best for: elementary age, tweens, and teens
    • More info: Check out the Plaza Bowl Facebook page.

Sergeant Bluff Community Center

903 Topaz Drive, Sergeant Bluff
  • Versatile space available for your dream party! Rentable places include the huge multipurpose room, cozy fireside room, and gamer's paradise "Game Room"
  • Favor ideas: anything that goes with your party theme! 
  • Best for: all ages, but game room is especially ideal for tweens and teens!
  • More info: Check out the Sgt. Bluff Community Center page on the Sgt. Bluff city website.

Sioux City Public Museum

607 4th Street, Sioux City 
    • Enjoy the museum's exhibits including the fossil dig, plus use one of their private rooms for food and activities 
    • Favor ideas: toy dinosaurs, anything from the museum gift shop
    • Best for: preschool, elementary age
    • More info: Visit the Sioux City Public Museum website

Sioux City Art Center

225 Nebraska Street, Sioux City
    • Enjoy the art center's beautiful permanent collection and temporary exhibits, enjoy the Junior League Hands-On Gallery, and/or let your party guests and birthday kid make their own art with the help of the art center staff!
    • Favor ideas: crayons, paint, mini-canvases, or other art supplies!
    • Best for: all ages
    • More info: Check out the Sioux City Art Center website.

Sioux City Musketeers Games

games at the Tyson Events Center, 401 Gordon Drive, Sioux City
  • Pro hockey at the Tyson Events Center every winter
  • Favor ideas: anything in team colors (green and gold)
  • Best for: Tweens and teens
  • More info: Check out the Sioux City Musketeers website.

V.I.P. Gymnastics

300 Centennial Drive, North Sioux City
  • Enjoy the foam pit, warped wall, and other ninja and gymnastic fun at V.I.P., plus special activities led by their expert staff, so you know kids will have fun and be safe!
  • Favor ideas: Sweatbands, big hairbows, or V.I.P. Gym's own ninja headbands or t-shirts!
  • Best for: Elementary age and tweens
  • More info: Check out the V.I.P. Gymnastics Birthday Party Page

Wells Blue Bunny Welcome Center and Ice Cream Parlor

115 Central Ave NW, Le Mars

I hope this is helpful next time you're trying to decide where to have a kids birthday party in Sioux City!


  1. Just one thing to check out at the venue. If you hire outside entertainment such as a magician or costumed character make sure to ok it with the venue. I don’t know about Sioux City venues but other big cities have had some restrictions at venues.


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