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Christmas Tree Farms Near Sioux City

Christmas tree branch with bokeh lights in background. foreground reads "Christmas Tree Farms less than 2 hours from Sioux City"

Here are some of the Christmas tree farms I found within about 2 hours of Sioux City. Some didn't have many details available yet, but I encourage you to give them a call if you have questions about the one you want to visit. The Christmas tree farmers I spoke to in writing this post were super nice, festive people who are genuinely excited about helping families make the season special. This post currently shows dates, hours, and prices for 2018 unless otherwise noted. It will be updated soon with 2019 details!

T&S Christmas Tree Farm
many pine trees at sunset at T&S Christmas Tree Farm in Hawarden, Iowa
T&S Christmas Tree Farm, photo used with permission of T&S Christmas Tree Farm

Address: 20593 C-12, Hawarden, Iowa
Distance from downtown Sioux City: about 31 miles/46 minutes
2019 Dates and hours open:

·       11/23-12/15 T&S Christmas Tree Farm will be open: 
o   from 1-5pm on Sundays-Thursdays
o   from 10am-5pm on Fridays and Saturdays. 
·         Closed Thanksgiving Day. 
·         Appointments available for those who can’t come during those times—just call them to set up a time that works for you!
Types of trees for sale: Scotch pine, white pine, Fraser fir, Canaan fir, Balsam Fir, and Spruce, pines about $5/foot, firs about $10/foot
Who cuts and carries? Hand saws and twine are available for customer use, and you can load your own tree or ask the T&S staff—they’re happy to help load!
flocked pine wreath with pine cones and red bow from T&S Christmas Tree Farm in Hawarden, Iowa
Wreath for sale at T&S Christmas Tree Farm, photo used with permission of T&S Christmas Tree Farm

Other fun: On weekends, T&S has free cocoa and tractor rides to the field (when the weather allows.) and they have cider and cookies available daily! They also have several cute places to take pictures, and a swing set kids can play on. Gorgeous wreaths, swags, garlands, and more are also available for sale in their gift shop, along with Western apparel and accessories. New for 2019 is a local vendor who will have coffee, cinnamon rolls, chili dogs, hot dogs, treat bags for kids, and other goodies for sale the first three weekends T&S Christmas Tree Farm is open!
For more information: Visit the T&S Facebook page

Country Pines Tree Farm
Two beautiful wreaths for football fans, photo used with permission of Country Pines Tree Farm

Address: 707 520th Street, Marcus, Iowa
Distance from downtown Sioux City: about 47 miles/57 minutes
2019 Dates and hours open:

·         Wednesday 11/27 from 9am-5pm
·         Fri-Sat 11/29-11/30 from 9am-5pm
·         Sun 12/1 from noon-5pm
·         Mon 12/2-Fri 12/6 from 1-5pm
·         Sat 12/7 from 9am-5pm
·         Sun 12/8 from noon-5pm
Types of trees for sale: Scotch pine $37.99 per tree, Fraser Fir and Balsam Fir priced by foot
Who cuts and carries? Saws available for customer use, staff and volunteers also available to cut, shake, bag, and load. 
Other fun: Country Pines is a family farm, run by the owners with the help of their kids and grandkids. Wreaths, garland, swags, indoor centerpieces, porch pots, tombstone toppers, spruce tips, birch poles, red twigs, tree stands, Christmas ornaments hot apple cider, fresh homemade Iowa jam, and more are also for sale. Dogs on leash are welcome, (please be sure to bring whatever you will need to clean up after your pets.)
For more information: Check out the Country Pines Tree Farm website and Facebook page 

Tannenbaum Tree Farm

mailbox huggie Christmas garland from Tannenbaum Tree Farm in Lennox, South Dakota
Mailbox huggie Christmas garland from Tannebaum Tree Farm, photo used with permission from Tannebaum Tree Farm

Address: 27628 - 468th Ave, Lennox, SD 57039. Phone 605-647-9414.
Distance from downtown Sioux City: about 75 miles/1 hour 4 minutes
2019 Dates and hours open: Open starting the day after Thanksgiving
  • Fridays from noon to 5pm
  • Saturdays from 10am to 5pm
  • Sundays from noon to 5pm
Who cuts and carries? Visitors choose and cut their own trees, but help is available by request.
Types of trees for sale: Scotch Pine, $6/foot, Spruce $8/foot, and a limited number of Fraser Fir for $9/foot
Other Fun: Tannenbaum Tree Farm also makes and sells fresh wreaths, door swags and winter containers. New for 2019 are special garlands that hug your mailbox!
For more information: To find out more about Tannenbaum Tree Farm, visit them on Facebook.

Riverview Christmas Tree Farm

a brunette man, blonde woman, and their two blonde children who are a toddler and a preschooler, walk between rows of pine trees at Riverview Christmas Tree Farm near Canton, South Dakota
Riverview Christmas Tree Farm owners
photo taken by Greg Latza and used with permission of Riverview Christmas Tree Farm

Address: 48392 278th St north of Canton, SD
Distance from downtown Sioux City: about 83 miles/1 hour 20 minutes
2019 Dates and hours open: Open the weekend before Thanksgiving and the next 3 weekends
  • Thanksgiving Day from 2:30-5pm
  • Black Friday from 10am-5pm
  • Saturdays  from 10am-5pm
  • Sundays from noon-5pm
  • Also available by appointment!
Types of trees for sale: Fraser Fir, Balsam Fir, Canaan Fir, white pine, and  Black Hillls Spruce. Fresh cut trees cost from $9-11/foot depending on variety and  pre-cut range from $7-8/foot.
Who cuts and carries? Saws are available for customers to cut down the year, and they can then catch a ride back from the field, and Riverview staff will help with hauling the tree back from the field with their tractor and trailer.
Other fun: Riverview Christmas Tree Farm has an ideal festive, riverside setting to take family photos, including inside Santa's sleigh, and Christmas tree customers can  warm up with free treats like a cup of cocoa, cider, or Riverview Coffee, and snack on pretzels in the lodge Also, don't miss the cute farm animals!. Santa will be at the tree farm on Black Friday from 10am to 4pm and from noon to 4pm on all other days Riverview Christmas Tree Farm is open except for Thanksgiving. There are also other holiday treats for sale inside the lodge, along with wreaths, garlands, holiday crafts, and more for sale. 

For more information: Visit the Riverview Christmas Tree Farm website  or Facebook page

Nordstrom’s Tree Farm

tractor, wagon, 1953 Harvester Fire Truck, and many pine trees growing at Nordstrom Tree Farm in Omaha, Nebraska
Nordstrom's Tree Farm, photo used with permission from Nordstrom's

Address: 11401 Pawnee Road, Omaha, Nebraska
Distance from downtown Sioux City: about 91 miles/ 1.5 hours
2019 Dates and hours open:

·         Fri 11/29 & Sat 11/30 from 9am-5pm
·         Sun 12/1 from noon-5pm

Types of trees for sale: Concolor and Douglas Fir in the field for $11/foot, Fraser Fir fresh cut $10/foot
Who cuts and carries? Nordstrom’s staff offers tree cutting, shaking, netting, loading and tie-down all free
Other fun: Nordstrom’s sales barn is heated and has a fireplace and free cocoa. Customers can also go on free wagon tractor rides out to the field to get their trees and for a $1 per person, ride and take pictures by a 1953 International Harvester Fire Truck. Wreaths, greenery, and one-of-a-kind handmade gifts are also for sale in their seasonal gift shop.
For more information: Visit the Nordstrom’s Tree Farm website or Facebook page

Bennington Pines

Address: 160th Street & Highway 36 in Bennington, Nebraska

Distance from downtown Sioux City: about 102 miles/ 1hour 33 minutes

2019 Dates and hours open:

·         Pre-Tagging 11/2
·         Open Fri 11/29-Sun 12/8:
o   from 4pm to dusk on Mondays through Fridays (dusk this time of year in Nebraska about 5:30ish)
o   9am to dusk on Saturdays
o   10am to dusk on Sundays
Types of trees for sale: Scotch Pine for $7.50/foot, White Pine for $8.50/foot, 5 varieties of Fir (Concolor, Fraser, Canaan, White, Spruce) all $13.50/foot
Who cuts and carries? Bennington Pines staff provide full service of cutting, preparing the tree, and loading or tying the car           
Other fun: Wreaths and “Marriage-saving tree stands” also for sale, pets on leash welcome. Free cocoa, cider, and coffee available in the warming barn. Free tractor rides during daylight hours, and free greenery boughs while supplies last.
For more information: Check out the Bennington Pines website or Facebook page 

Dappen Tree Farm

Address: 20873 Greenview Road , Council Bluffs, IA 51503
Distance from downtown Sioux City: about 104 miles/1 hr 36 minutes
2019 Dates and hours open: 
  • Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday from Thanksgiving through December 15th
  • Open 9am to 5pm
Types of Trees for sale: Scotch and white pine for $8/foot, and spruces, and firs for $10/foot. $2/tree to net. 
Who cuts and carries? Dappen staff will cut and shake your tree!
Other fun: At Dappen Tree Farm you'll find tractor rides and free hot cocoa, plus wreaths and other festive decorations for sale, and coloring books for kids. 
For more information: Check out the Dappen Tree Farm website or Facebook page

Hoogestraat Christmas Tree Farm

Address: 18135 Delta Ave, Arcadia, IA
Distance from downtown Sioux City: about 94 miles/ 1 hour 40 minutes
2019 Dates and hours open:

·         Fri 11/29 from 10am to 4pm
·         Sat 11/30 from 10am to 4pm
·         Sun 12/1 from noon to 4pm
·         Sat 12/7 from 10am to 4pm
·         Sun 12/8 from noon to 4pm
·         Sat 12/14 from 10am to 4pm
·         Sun 12/15 from noon to 4pm

Types of trees for sale: Fresh cut trees are $7/foot, pre-cut tree prices vary but will be marked. $10 additional charge for trees over 8’ tall.
Who cuts and carries? Hoogestraat staff will use the mechanical tree shaker. 
Other fun: Fresh wreaths, swags, crescents, and kissing balls are made on site from fresh greenery and are also for sale. Garland costs $1.45/foot.
For more information: Visit the Hoogestraat Christmas Tree Farm facebook page

***Unconfirmed: I have not been able to get in touch with the following tree farms to confirm that they are still open for 2019, but have listed their addresses and possible phone numbers that I found for them. Please call ahead if you want to visit them!***

  • Pine Creek Tree Farm
    • 1001 7th Street NW, Orange City, IA
    • (712)449-5649
    • In past years, has had cocoa, wagon rides, and more!
  • Plum Creek Pines
    • 1458 Highway 275, West Point, NE
    • (402)372-5076
  • Country Conifers
    • 12278 County Road 30, Blair, NE
    • (402)426-4650
  • Frosty's Pines
    • 2172 US Highway 75, Omaha, NE
    • (402)453-3522
  • Brady's Tree Farm
    • 265 Antler Drive, Yankton, SD
    • (605)665-4726
  • Christmas Tree Acres
    • 27269 State Highway 115, Harrisburg, SD
    • (605)743-5883
  • Mannings Garyowen Tree Farm
    • Burbank, South Dakota
    • (605)393-0181


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