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Find Siouxland's best cake donuts at Jitters

For the best cake donuts in Siouxland--maybe the best anywhere--locals know to head to Jitters. But that's not the only reason to head there, as Jitters also serves up drinks, sandwiches, and other tasty fare. Here's what you should know about Jitters:

updated in 2024 to include new location details!in background, cake donuts topped with colorful sprinkles and with peanuts from Jitters in Sioux City, Iowa. In foreground, the title "Siouxland Families Eat at Jitters" and links to the Siouxland Families blog and Facebook page.

Where is Jitters?

Jitters is open in a new location downtown at 130 Nebraska Street, in the bottom floor of the Floyd River Flats development. There is free parking in the lot in front of Jitters and around the corner.
Previously Jitters was at 3rd & Virginia in downtown Sioux City just off Historic 4th Street and before that, started as a coffee shop on the northside.

What does Jitters serve?

Jitters started with a light breakfast and lunch menu, and still serves a small selection of wraps and sandwiches, but they're now known largely for their amazing cake donuts. But why are they so good? In 2009, Jitters acquired a legendary donut machine that had been in use at the Sunshine Food Market and SuperValue grocery store in Indian Hills for decades, and in my opinion, the Jitters staff has perfected its use. The resulting cake donuts are soft and sweet without being too heavy or cloying. 

At Jitters, you can get a cake donut for under a dollar, a half dozen for just over $5, and a dozen for about $10, which makes Sioux City's best cake donuts also amongst the most affordable! Toppings include vanilla, chocolate, and maple frosting, and sprinkles, peanuts, or coconut. They also offer many specialty toppings on weekends and other days they decide to spice up the menu, like bacon, cereal, cookies, and candy. I've never been disappointed in a donut from Jitters, and my personal favorite is chocolate frosting with peanuts. If you love cake donuts, Jitters is your best bet in Siouxland.

Jitters also sells lots of coffee and espresso drinks, along with chai tea, Italian soda, and a variety of juices and milk, and wraps, sandwiches, and salads. You can see their full menu on the Jitters Sioux City Facebook page.

New Floyd River Flats location in 2024

In May of 2024, Jitters opened their new location and it looks so great! There seems to be more seating than the previous location. Overall, it looks very clean and modern while also retaining many features of the previous locations, like the board game cupboard, vintage signage, and the beloved paper crane decorations. I also spotted some booster seats for kids who need them!
One of the fun features new to the Floyd River Flats location is a window that lets visitors peek into the kitchen and see the donuts being made, which is a ton of fun for everyone but especially for kids!

There also seems to be a small patio. It wasn't in use when I went on the first day open at the new location, but I hope they'll be able to have a bit of seating out there on nice days this summer!

One silly thing I'd love to see them add would be a child sized broom and dustpan. My kids always seem to create a pile of sprinkle debris, and I always feel awful not having a good way to clean it up. If there was a toy broom and dustpan, my kids would definitely volunteer to clean up their mess themselves. For now, thank you Jitters staff for keeping it so clean in there despite all the messy kids!

For more information about Jitters

Visit Jitters from 7am to 2pm on Tuesdays through Saturdays or from 8am to 1pm on Sundays. Jitters is closed on Mondays. And for more information, visit the Jitters Facebook page or call them at (712)255-9211.
cake donut with white frosting and brightly colored jimmies from Jitters in Sioux City, Iowa, sitting on a jade milk glass plate


  1. Jitters is good my favorite is the caramel i think its call its the brown icing.

    1. I think it's actually maple maybe? But i totally agree, whatever flavor it is,
      it's so good!!


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