Siouxland Families Eat Jitters Donuts

in background, cake donuts topped with colorful sprinkles and with peanuts from Jitters in Sioux City, Iowa. In foreground, the title "Siouxland Families Eat at Jitters" and links to the Siouxland Families blog and Facebook page.

Sioux City is a great town for donuts, and Jitters is one of the very best local places to find them, featuring the best cake donuts I've ever had anywhere. Here's what to expect if you go to Jitters:

Jitters, now at 3rd & Virginia in downtown Sioux City, started as a coffee shop on the northside with a light breakfast and lunch menu, but is now known largely for their amazing cake donuts. In 2009, Jitters acquired a legendary donut machine that had been in use at the Sunshine Food Market and SuperValue grocery store in Indian Hills for decades, and in my opinion, the Jitters staff has perfected its use.

At Jitters, you can get a cake donut for under a dollar, a half dozen for just over $5, and a dozen for about $9, which makes Sioux City's best cake donuts also amongst the most affordable! Toppings include vanilla, chocolate, and maple frosting, and sprinkles, peanuts, or coconut. They also offer many specialty toppings on weekends and other days they decide to spice up the menu, like bacon, cereal, cookies, and candy. I've never been disappointed in a donut from Jitters, and my personal favorite is chocolate frosting with peanuts. If you love cake donuts, Jitters is your best bet in Siouxland.

Jitters also sells lots of coffee and espresso drinks, along with chai tea, Italian soda, and a variety of juices and milk, and wraps, sandwiches, and salads. You can see their full menu on the Jitters Sioux City Facebook page.

patio with artistically mismatched benches and pergola behind Jitters Donuts in downtown Sioux City, Iowa
cute patio behind Jitters

My other favorite thing about Jitters besides their donuts is the atmosphere. There are tons of tables, but also two areas with cozy couches, armchairs, and coffee tables, a cupboard full of board games (my kids usually end up playing CandyLand) and cards that customers can play with while they're there, and a cute outdoor patio in the back. Jitters is awesome as a place to meet up with friends and/or eat and play before going to downtown museums or other attractions!

Visit Jitters at 306 Virginia Street from 7am to 2pm on Tuesdays through Saturdays or from 8am to 1pm on Sundays. Jitters is closed on Mondays
cake donut with white frosting and brightly colored jimmies from Jitters in Sioux City, Iowa, sitting on a jade milk glass plate

For more info on Siouxland's best family friendly eateries, check out our Siouxland Families Eat  page

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  1. Jitters is good my favorite is the caramel i think its call its the brown icing.


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