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Siouxland Families Explore Trinity Heights

In background, jewel toned stained glass in a geometric starburst pattern from the shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe at Trinity Heights in Sioux City, Iowa. In foreground, the words " Siouxland Families Explore Trinity Heights"

Trinity Heights in Sioux City, Iowa is one of Siouxland's most unique attractions, and one of its most inspiring.
For a quick peek, check out my latest "Sioux City in 60 Seconds" video, about Trinity Heights:

Isn't it beautiful? For more details, photos, and links, read on here!

What is Trinity Heights?

Trinity Heights is a 14 acre park full of religious art amidst peaceful trees, flowers, and water features. Some of the amazing art you can find at Trinity Heights includes:

  • A 33 foot statue of Jesus called "Sacred Heart of Jesus", sculpted by Dale Lamphere 
33 foot tall Sacred Heart of Jesus Sculpture by Dale Lamphere at Trinity Heights in Sioux City, Iowa
Sacred Heart of Jesus scuplture

30 foot tall Immaculate Heart of Mary sculpture by Dale Lamphere at Trinity Heights in Sioux City, Iowa
Immaculate Heart of Mary Queen of Peace scuplture

  • A 30 foot statue of Mary called "Immaculate Heart of Mary Queen of Peace", also sculpted by Dale Lamphere
  • A life-size wooden carving depicting the Last Supper, sculpted by Jerry Traufler, which is considered one of the most significant "in-the-round" wooden sculptures in the world.
life size wooden carving of the Last Supper of Jesus and his disciples at Trinity Heights in Sioux City, Iowa
The Last Supper wood carving
reproduction Lourdes grotto at Trinity Heights in Sioux City, Iowa
reproduction Lourdes grotto

  • A reproduction of the grotto in Lourdes, France featuring a cute waterfall
  • The Way of the Saints featuring statues and plaques commemorating many Saints from the earliest Church to modernity--over 60 saints have some sort of statue, plaque, or other memorial or information somewhere in the park, from Moses to Mother Theresa.
sculpture of Moses at Trinity Heights in Sioux City, Iowa
Sculpture of Moses

sculpture of Mother Theresa at Trinity Heights in Sioux City, Iowa
Sculpture of Mother Theresa

  • Stained glass and a sculpture of Jesus's head with the crown of thorns upon it inside the St. Joseph Center

Is there anything to do at Trinity Heights besides look at art?

brightly colored flowers adorn a bed at Trinity Heights in Sioux City

Trinity Heights also features places to pray, think, and more including shrines to Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Knock, an outdoor cathedral, Stations of the Cross, and Mysteries of the Rosary. 
In the Marian Center, there is also a gift shop with a wide variety of religious gifts and souvenirs. 
In the St. Joseph Center, besides the Last Supper carving, you can also buy postcards or visit a mini-museum about Sioux City's Trinity College and High School which were on the same site Trinity Heights was eventually built on.

shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe at Trinity Heights in Sioux City, Iowa
shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe

Trinity Heights also hosts regular and special programming including:

  • Mass
  • Daily rosaries in the Divine Mercy Chapel
  • Family Rosaries
  • And much more! Check out the Trinity Heights website and follow them on social media for the latest schedule of events. 

Where is Trinity Heights?

Trinity Heights is on Sioux City's north side, at 2511 33rd Street, just off of Floyd Boulevard. There is a large lot with free parking at Trinity Heights. 

When is Trinity Heights open?

The outdoor portions of Trinity Heights are open from 9am to 9pm everyday. The Marian Gift Shop, and the St. Joseph Center which houses the Last Supper Sculpture are open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm and on Sundays from noon to 4pm. They are occasionally closed for holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

How much does it cost to visit Trinity Heights?

Trinity Heights is free and open to the public! There are donation boxes available for free will donations from visitors able to contribute.

When was Trinity Heights built?

Trinity Heights was thought of in the 1980's and officially opened in 1992. It is run by a Catholic non-profit organization, and welcomes all visitors from any faith and those who are not religious at all. Trinity Heights continues to be operated and maintained by this non-profit organization and volunteers from Sioux City and beyond.

stained glass window inside the St. Joseph Center at Trinity Heights in Sioux City, Iowa
Stained glass inside the St. Joseph Center

Want to find out more about Trinity Heights?

Check out the Trinity Heights website, and connect with Trinity Heights on Facebook to learn more about this amazing park.


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