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Siouxland Families Explore Miracle Field

in background, a red and green rubber baseball field with white painted lines at Miracle Field in Riverside Park in Sioux City, Iowa. In foreground, the words "Siouxland Families Explore Miracle Field"

Miracle Field at Riverside Park is one of Sioux City's coolest play places, and one near and dear to my family. We have a child with special needs, and having an inclusive playground and sports complex designed for him and for other kids with special needs is really cool, and brings him so much joy (and our other kids love it too!) For a quick view of Miracle Field and its awesome adaptive playground, check out my YouTube video:

We always have so much fun there, and I'm excited to tell you more about it in this post:

What is Sioux City's Miracle Field?

Miracle Field's official name is "The Miracle League of Sioux City Complex" and it was conceived of as a place where kids with special needs could play baseball and enjoy time outdoors with their friends and family. Basically, Miracle Field is an adaptive playground and sports complex, and is definitely Sioux City's most inclusive playground and sports complex. Miracle Field is free and open to the public, except during Miracle League games and practices and when rented out for special events.

wheelchair accessible play structure at the adaptive playground at Miracle Field in Sioux City's Riverside Park

Where is Sioux City's Miracle Field?

Miracle Field is located inside of Riverside Park, just north of the Siouxland Youth Association soccer fields near Riverside Park shelter #2. The official address is 1301 Riverside Boulevard, Sioux City, IA 51109, but that is actually the address for the entire Riverside Park and not Miracle Field specifically.

Accessible Baseball Field at Sioux City's Miracle Field

Miracle Field features a wheelchair accessible baseball field and dugouts, with a full color video scoreboard. The field has a solid rubberized surface with lines painted on so the surface is smooth, which makes running safely easier for people with limited mobility and makes rolling easier for people with wheelchairs, walkers, and gait trainers.

wheelchair accessible baseball field at Miracle Field in Riverside Park in Sioux City Iowa
The baseball field and one of the dugouts

Miracle Field is home to Sioux City Miracle League, a baseball league for kids with special needs.

Inclusive Playground at Sioux City's Miracle Field

adaptive play structure at the inclusive playground at Miracle Field in Sioux City's Riverside Park

Field's Playground is designed as an inclusive playspace for all children, including those with special needs. Both the play structure and the ground level of the playground are wheelchair accessible, and most of the fun activities are at wheelchair transfer height or are wheelchair accessible. There are also 2 high back adaptive swings, and an adaptive zipline seat, which is my son's favorite park of the playground!

adaptive swings at Miracle Field in Riverside Park in Sioux City Iowa
Adaptive swings for kids and adults who need back support

wheelchair accessible glider in the adaptive playground at Miracle Field in Riverside Park in Sioux City Iowa
Wheelchair accessible glider feature

Sensory Music Playspace at Sioux City's Miracle Field

Miracle Field's Music Playspace offers sensory fun with xylophones and drums to play! All the instruments are accessible from wheelchair height and are fun for all ages, and they are especially awesome for sensory seeking kids and adults!

xylophone in the sensory playspace at the adaptive playground at Miracle Field in Riverside Park in Sioux City, Iowa
Xylophone in the musical playspace

Mini-Golf at Sioux City's Miracle Field

Miracle Field has a wheelchair accessible, 9-hole mini-golf course, including one hole with a putting green over 200 feet long! Like the rest of Miracle Field, the mini-golf course is free--actually it's currently Sioux City's only free mini-golf course--and open to the public. Bring your own golf clubs and balls.

wheelchair accessible 9 hole free mini-golf course in the adaptive sports complext Miracle Field in Riverside Park in Sioux City, Iowa
Miracle Field's free mini-golf course

Fieldhouse at Sioux City's Miracle Field

The fieldhouse at Miracle Field includes three handicap accessible restrooms and a wheelchair charging station, plus a snack bar--when it's open, you can also rent mini-golf equipment from the snack bar!

fieldhouse containing accessible bathrooms, wheelchair charging station, and snack bar at the Miracle League of Sioux City adaptive sports complex
Fieldhouse with restrooms, charging station, and snack bar

Splash Pads at Sioux City's Miracle Field

Miracle Field is home to not one but two wheelchair accessible splash pads! One splash pad is designed for toddlers, and the other splash pad is for older children and adults. Both offer lots of wet fun, and both are pretty busy throughout the summer months in Sioux City!

wheelchair accessible toddler splash pad in Sioux City's Miracle League adaptive sports complex
Toddler splash pad

wheelchair accessible splash pad at Sioux City's Miracle Field adaptive sports complex and playground
Splash pad for older children and adults

For more information about Sioux City's Miracle Field:

To find out more about Miracle Field, visit the Miracle League of Sioux City website or connect with them on Facebook or Twitter!


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