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Rhea Lana's Presents Sioux City's New Kids' Consignment Event!

***UPDATE in progress to include Spring 2024 event details!***

Rhea Lanas of Siouxland logo, displaying the letters R and L in pink inside a white heart, inside a pink square
This post is sponsored by Rhea Lana's of Siouxland 

Have you ever seen the meme about it being customary for Midwesterners to explain, upon being complimented on an article of clothing, that they acquired it at a significant discount? Well, it's funny because it's true! Here in Siouxland, we know the value of hand-me-downs and how buying used items can save money and reduce waste. And Rhea Lana's plays into that perfectly! Here's how:

What is Rhea Lana's?

rows of brightly color baby toys and gear at a Rhea Lana's of Siouxland sale

Rhea Lana is a children's consignment chain known for their high standards and guided by the saying "Moms helping Moms". Community members can resell their used items through the local Sioux City Rhea Lana sales events, run by a really kind local mom named Katy, and then Rhea Lana's pays the person who brought in the items (about 65 % if you label, price, and drop-off your items yourself, or 35% if you use Rhea Lana's VIP service to have your items picked up, labeled, and priced for you!)

For shoppers, it means getting quality used children's items at a significant discount (about 60-90% off!) compared to buying new, and knowing that they will be clean, in-style, and in good condition. After the event, remaining items can be picked up by sellers along with their money or donated if buyers choose that option. Siouxland Rhea Lana's is also opening their doors to foster families in our area to choose before the clothes are donated! 

When will Rhea Lana's of Siouxland be open?

Rhea Lana's isn't a traditional store that is open 360ish days a year. Instead, they hold seasonal shopping events lasting about a week, twice a year. Before the sale opens, there is time for consigners to bring in their items and for Rhea Lana's staff to get the sale set up. Then, VIPs and sellers get early access to the sale, and then it will be opened to the general public for about a week.

The first event at Rhea Lana's of Siouxland held was the fall/winter 2019 event, and now they're back with another great sale!

The spring/summer 2024 event is being held from March 18th through 22nd, with exclusive shopping times starting on March 15th for those with platinum, gold, or silver tickets, and for consignors. There are also special shopping times on the 16th for healthcare heroes, military, moms-to-be, and teachers! And each ticket to the special access events covers two people, so you can bring your fave shopping buddy with you!
Rhea Lana Siouxland 2024 spring presale dates

 Then starting Monday, March 18th, 2024, the sale will be open to the public!