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Goodies To-Go in Sioux City for Easter 2020

in background, eggs are dyed in a variety of pastel colors. in foreground, the words "Siouxland Easter Goodies To-Go 2020" and ""

Easter is coming! Easter this year will be on Sunday, April 12th, 2020, but it may look a little different this year, as we all hunker down at home instead of heading out to church or Grandma's house or brunch at a restaurant, or other Easter traditions that take us out and about. But one part of Easter that doesn't have to stop this year is Easter baskets! You can fill your baskets with treats from local businesses without breaking social distancing guidelines, thanks to the creativity of our local stores! Here are some of the great options available and how to get them:

Easter Candy from Palmer's Old Tyme Candy Shoppe

405 Wesley Parkway
various Easter gifts and decor like floral tea towels and a white bunny bunting are arranged in baskets and wooden tables at Palmer's Candy in Sioux City
Photos of Palmer's Candy used with permission from Palmer's Candy 

Brightly colored marshmallow peep bunnies dipped halfway in chocolate are packaged with cellophane in trios and sit in green paper grass next to a plush yellow duck at Palmers Candy in Sioux City

two large chocolate rabbits in their boxes and a party tray of assorted chocolatey confections sit atop a counter at Palmer's Candy in Sioux City

chocolate rabbits and chocolate baskets sit on wooden shelves packed with chocolate Easter treats and other Easter candies at Palmer's Candy in Sioux City, Iowa

small pastel buckets full of candy, easter grass, and cellophane sit on wooden shelves with rabbit, lamb, and duck plush animals at Palmer's Candy in Sioux City, Iowa

Easter display at Palmer's Candy includes a blue plush rabbit and a white plush lamb sit next to assorted Easter confections, including rice krispie treats that have been dipped in chocolate and then decorated elaborately to look like Easter eggs,and with designs of rabbits, and chicks.

The Palmer's Candy Old Tyme Candy Shoppe is offering a variety of delicious Easter candies and confections, with chocolate bunnies from tiny to huge, decorate rice crispy treats, jelly beans and assorted pastel candies galore, and even some baskets and adorable plush! To order, call (712)258-7790 and they will work with you for curbside pickup, or go in to choose your treats yourself, but instead of bulk bins, you'll find pre-packed half lb and 1lb bags of the their classic everyday delicious treats and seasonal items, plus score some great sales on Easter items!

Books and Gifts from Book People

2923 Hamilton Boulevard

a green felt bucket with a dinosaur face sits next to a ball, a small toy dragon, a book about a dragon, and an orange plush dinosaur
All photos of gifts from Book People are used with permission from Book People

pastel pop-up Easter cards at Book People in Sioux City

four felt animal face Easter baskets sit on a table with three plush bunnies

puzzles line a wall at Book People in Sioux City

plush bunnies and a plush lamb sit under an clear umbrella with pink trim and pastel cartoon mice

Book People has books sure to put a spring in your step! Some of their Eastery titles include Easter is Coming, My Easter Prayer, and Easter 1,2,3, plus Easter books from favorite characters like Llama Llama, Spot, and Pete the Cat!

They also have puzzles, sketchbooks, stamp kits, flash cards, bingo (I highly recommend the eeboo bingo games they have--we have a nature one and it's so pretty, and even my kids who don't have their numbers and letters down yet can successfully match the animals and plants!), science kits, cheerful play balls, and super soft plush animals (and for many of them, Book People also has books starring the plush animals--I got the book to go with my son's favorite puppy, and it's SO cute!) To order, visit the Book People website or call (712)258-1471 for curbside pickup. They are also offering free shipping for orders over $50, and $2 shipping for smaller orders! 

Popcorn from Jolly Time Koated Kernels

1717 Terminal Drive
egg shaped popcorn treats are drizzled with cheerful pastel candy coating
Photo used with permission from Jolly Time Koated Kernels

Jolly Time Koated Kernels has a variety of delicious popcorn to brighten your Easter, from bulk bags of salted popcorn, to gourmet Koated Kernels in flavors like Birthday Cake (the pastel drizzle and sprinkles makes it perfect for Easter!), Cinnamon Roll, and Double Cheddar, and even popcorn balls shaped like Easter eggs! The store in still open for carryout purchases, or you can call (712)560-6973 to place a curbside pickup order.

Fandom Faves from Acme Comics

1622 Pierce Street
mickey mouse blind bags at Acme Comics in Sioux City
Photos of fun gift ideas from Acme Comics used with permission from Acme Comics
Comic books sit on red wire racks at Acme Comics in Sioux City

Spider Man comics on a red wire shelf at Acme Comics in Sioux City

CTR toys in boxes at Acme Comics in Sioux City

colorful dice in tubes at Acme Comics in Sioux City

Godzilla toys at Acme Comics in Sioux City

A wall of Funko Pops at Acme Comics in Sioux City

Acme Comics has comics, dice, t-shirts, games, books, toys, and much more, for a wide variety of fandoms fit for any basket, including:
  • Harry Potter
  • Star Wars
  • Star Trek
  • Dr. Who
  • Disney
  • Game of Thrones
  • Godzilla
  • and many more!
 They are not currently open for in-store shopping, but give them a call at (712)258-6171 to place an order for curbside pickup. They plan to be open for curbside pickup from 11-5pm on the weekend and 4-6pm on weekdays this week!

Sweet Treats from Sugar Shack

700 Jennings Street
Easter cookie kit options from Sugar Shack including cookies, frosting, and sprinkles
Photos from Sugar Shack Bakery used with permission from Sugar Shack Bakery

elaborately decorated cookies in spring shapes like birds, butterflies, ladybugs, flowers,frogs, and grasshoppers

sugar cookies that look like smiling kawaii toilet paper rolls

virtual hug cookies from Sugar Shack bakery in Sioux City

Siouxland's cutest cookies and cakes are still available for sale! They also have hilarious toilet paper cookies, sweet virtual hug cookies, and special Easter cookie decorating kits that come with cookies, frosting, and sprinkles so your family can customize your cookies yourselves. Their sugar cookies were actually the last treat I bought before we started staying in! You can still visit Sugar Shack in person to get your order to-go, or call the Sugar Shack at (712)252-5598 to order ahead of time or for curbside pickup and delivery options. 

Happy Easter, Siouxland!


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