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Siouxland Freedom Park

Vua close up view of the corner of an American flag is visible in the background. in foreground, the words "Siouxland Freedom Park" and ""

Siouxland's most patriotic attraction is also one of its newest and there are features I haven't seen before added every time I go. Here's what to expect at Siouxland Freedom Park if you visit in fall 2023: 

What is Siouxland Freedom Park?

Siouxland Freedom Park is a place to honor and remember veterans and celebrate the freedoms they fought to ensure for all Americans. My Grandad fought in WWII and my Grandpa fought in the Korean War, and I love that there is a place here in Siouxland to reflect on their bravery! Here's a quick peek from a visit on an evening in 2020: 

Where is Siouxland Freedom Park?

Siouxland Freedom Park is on the Nebraska side of the Missouri river front, at 1801 Veterans Drive, South Sioux City, Nebraska. There is ample free parking in the center's lots near the Memorial Wall & Interpretive Center, across the street from the center by the playground, and at the John Douangdara Dog Park

The Vietnam War Memorial Wall

the Vietnam War Memorial Wall at Freedom Park is visible at sunset with a large flag behind it and green space all around

A highlight of Siouxland Freedom Park is the Vietnam War Memorial Wall. The park features the only half scale exact replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. On the wall, you'll find the names of more than 58,272 Americans who lost their lives in the Vietnam War. The wall is lit at night, to illuminate the flag and the names of the brave Americans commemorated here.

Korean War Memorial 

The Siouxland Freedom Park Korean War Memorial features 2D metal statues of US soldiers in uniforms worn during that conflict. They're placed in a triangle on the grounds a bit beyond the wall. There's also signage sharing more about the Korean War. 

John Douangdara Dog Park

The dog park at Siouxland Freedom Park is named after South Sioux Citian John Douangdara, an elite dog handler for the Navy SEALS who lost his life in Aghanistan when the helicopter he was in was shot down in 2011. You can read more about Douangdara and his heroism here

a bronze sculpture of a dog and John Douangdara, a dog handler for the Navy SEALS who died in Afghanistan in a helicopter crash, is covered in flowers and American flags

dog training equipment painted brightly in primary colors is visible at the John Douangdara Memorial Dog Park at South Sioux City's Freedom Park

Interpretive Center

the front of the Interpretive Center at Siouxland Freedom Park is seen from an angle, with the railroad bridge over the Missouri River visible in the background

The Brigadier General Bud and Doris Day Interpretive Center at Siouxland Freedom Park is now open as of Veteran's Day weekend in November of 2023. I
Inside are a variety of exhibits sharing the experiences of veterans from the Siouxland area through photographs, educational signage, and a wide variety of artifacts including medals, uniforms, and much more.
There's also an interview room for preserving even more stories from even more veterans. I look forward to seeing what else is added over the years to enhance the center.

Freedom Rock

The Siouxland Freedom Park is home to one of artist Ray Bubba Sorensen II's famous Freedom Rocks, just east of the interpretive center.
a granite boulder sits on a concrete platform at Siouxland Freedom Park
Ready to be painted!

Events at Freedom Park

Freedom Park is already becoming well known for their events, especially fireworks at Fourth of July and events on Veterans Day and on Memorial Day weekend. They also host events for veteran's groups, and will likely host even more commemorative, education, and other community events now that the interpretive center is completed! 

Picnic Pavilion

Across the street from the interpretive center, there are 3 covered picnic table areas and a large playground.  I can definitely see it being a great space for a family picnic, but also for field trips for students studying America's involvement in foreign wars of the 20th century. The play structure was very large with 7 slides, so it could definitely accommodate a crowd! I'd love to see them add a toddler play structure in the future though, as the slides were all pretty high up. All of my kids had a great time, but it was definitely best for my 10 year old!

a green and brown play structure with 7 green plastic slides at Siouxland Freedom Park in South Sioux City, Nebraska

There is also a cute pavilion just outside the center, near the Vietnam Memorial Wall and Korean War Memorial.

For more information

To find out more about Siouxland Freedom Park, visit the Siouxland Freedom Park website, or connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube

an American flag waves behind the Siouxland Freedom Park interpretive center at sunset in South Sioux City, Nebraska


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