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Things to Look Forward to in Siouxland in 2021

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2021 is almost here, and things are looking up for Siouxland! Here's what I am looking forward to in Siouxland in 2021. Hopefully some of these things will make their way on to your local bucket list too! For more ideas, check out my book, 100 Things to do in Sioux City & Siouxland Before You Die!

National Music Museum Re-opening

The National Music Museum on the campus of USD in Vermillion, South Dakota, is an epic adventure for any music lover, but it's been closed for more than a year, not due to COVID-19, but for extensive renovation. Home to the oldest cello known to man and more than ten thousand other spectacular instruments, the museum promises to reclaim its place on the list of top Siouxland attractions in 2021 when it re-opens. Watch for more information on on the grand re-opening and any other fun events at the museum happening in 2021, like live music performances, kids activities, and much more! You can also check out the National Music Museum website for more information. 

Lewis & Clark Kids Club

The Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center started a new kids club, and the first streaming event starts in January 2021! The programs I've taken my kids to at the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center previously have all been very well run, with cheerful staff and great historical content. If your kids love history, the new Lewis & Clark Kids Club is a can't miss. For more information or to sign up, visit the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center website.

Shopping at Aldi

Aldi is opening in Sioux City on January 15th, 2021. You can read my full post about Aldi in Sioux City here to find out more about why this is so exciting, or visit the ALDI website for more information!

Eating at Fazoli's

Near the Southern Hills Walmart, exciting construction is taking place on a brand new Fazoli's at 3327 Singing Hills Boulevard! The fast food Italian restaurant promises Siouxland plenty of garlicy, cheesy deliciousness and soft fluffy breadsticks. I'll try to share more info on the grand opening and any other events coming our way from Fazoli's this year once they are available!

Progress on the Riverfront Park

After flood damage and years of I-29 construction, we are finally to the part of the process with our Chris Larsen Park along the Iowa side of the Missouri River, where lots of visible progress is going to be made on the park and lots of fun added! While even phase 1 isn't scheduled to be completed until early 2022, we should be able to start seeing lots of fun additions and projects taking shape. I can't wait to see how it turns out! Check out the plans here.

Driving all the way through Pierce Street

Pierce Street has been closed seemingly all year, but it's nearing completion as we close up 2020, which will make it much easier to access great businesses like Sioux City Gifts, Perry Way Bouquet, Pierce Street Coffee Works, La Juanita Taqueria, the Sioux City Conservatory of Music and Blue Cafe, and downtown Sioux City in general! 

Art SUX bigger and better

Art SUX has made a big splash in the Sioux City art scene as a venue for local artists to showcase and sell their wares and a place for the public to enjoy them. Now expanding from their current space in the Ho-Chunk Building to the former Karlton's space on 4th Street, Art SUX is increasing their ability to bring art to the people of Siouxland from the artists of Siouxland! You can find out more about Art SUX on their website!

The view atop the Warrior

The Warrior Hotel re-opened in fall 2020 as the crown jewel of downtown Sioux City, and in spring of 2021, their rooftop bar, the Crown, will be opening to the public. The view is going to be so spectacular!

LaunchPad's Fifth Birthday

LaunchPad Children's Museum is turning 5! The museum recently promoted Carrie Lebowich to executive director, and in 2021 will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of their opening with lots of fun. Details of specific events haven't been released yet, but it's sure to be a year full of fun!

Cone Park, The Arena, and the Siouxland Expo Center

The Siouxland Expo Center opened in 2020, which means 2021 will be its first full year of fun. It's going to be so exciting to see all the great events and activities the Siouxland Expo Center hosts for the Sioux City area in 2021 and the years to come!

The Arena opened in 2019 and faced many challenges in 2020 with a lot of creativity, and it's going to be great to see it shine even more in 2021!

And perennial favorite Cone Park opened for the season on 12/23/20, and should bring lots of opportunities for tubing, skating, and more throughout early 2021! They also announced a new curling league for ages 18+! While it may be a bit chilly, the outdoor location will mean plenty of sunshine and fresh air for the participants and fans of this quirky outdoor sport!


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