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Celebrating Indie Bookstore Day with Book People!

 Every year, the last Saturday in April is celebrated as Indie Bookstore Day. We are lucky here in Sioux City to have our own locally-owned, independent bookstore, Book People, and I'm excited to celebrate Indie Bookstore Day with them!

red, yellow, and blue balloons are tied to a pile of books in the same colors, and above the balloons appear the words "independent bookstore day". below the books are the words "last saturday in april"

During the last year, Book People has been doing an amazing job of staying flexible and meeting the needs of Siouxland readers. Whether I was doing curbside pickup or buying in store, they have had consistently great customer service for wonderful books. Like did you know they wrap books in beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon for FREE? And for the books I've bought there recently, they were always within $1 of the price at Amazon or Barnes & Noble for the same book. I know budgets are a real concern, and I really appreciate that Book People manages to keep their prices so competitive! They also have a great selection of books by local authors!

On Saturday, April 24th, 2021, Book People is celebrating Indie Bookstore Day with tons of fun! 

  • 25% off all books, including my book 100 Things to Do in Sioux City & Siouxland Before You Die 
  • I will be at the store from 11am to 1pm to sign copies of my book!
  • Free caramel with every purchase!
  • FREE mystery items in store! (These are a surprise and I have no clue if these are bookmarks, books, candy, or something else but I'm excited to find out!) 
  • A giveaway for a chance at one of two prizes of $50 giftcards to Book People!

So keep an eye on the Book People Facebook page to get the latest details on all the Indie Bookstore Day fun planned at Book People! It's sure to be a fun time, and a great chance to get a deal on some spring and summer reads!

Book People is located at 2923 Hamilton Boulevard in Sioux City, Iowa and is open from 10am to 5pm on Saturdays.


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