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Best Outdoor Art in Sioux City, Sioux Falls, & Siouxland

I love outdoor art, from sculptures to murals and even colorful graffiti, and there's a surprising amount in the Siouxland area! If you can't resist posing in front of a trendy mural, love digging into the history of an old store logo, are inspired by statues that draw your eyes to the skies, and smile when you see funky spray paint designs in a surprising place, here's where to look in Sioux City, Sioux Falls, and other Siouxland communities:

in background, a floral mural on a wall in Sioux City by Jenna Brownlee. In foreground, the words "outdoor art in Sioux City, Sioux Falls, & Siouxland"


Outdoor Art in Sioux City 

Trinity Heights

Immaculate Heart of Mary stainless steel sculpture at Trinity Heights in Sioux City

Trinity Heights on Sioux City's North Side showcases a wide variety of Catholic religious art, including 30-foot tall statues of Mary and Jesus made of steel by artist Dale Lamphere (who also created Dignity of Earth and Sky in Chamberlain, SD.) For more information, check out my post about visiting Trinity Heights.

Downtown Sculpture Series

The Sioux City Art Center has a large collection of outdoor sculptures, and while some are on display on the museum grounds, many others are placed throughout the downtown Sioux City area so everyone can enjoy them! You can find more information about the sculptures and a map on the Sculpt Siouxland page of the Sioux City Art Center website!

Downtown Sioux City murals & ghost art

a woman with dark hair stands in front of the Sioux City mural by Jenna Brownlee

On many of the downtown Sioux City businesses, you'll find beautiful modern murals (one of my faves is this one on the side of M's on Fourth by Des Moines artist Jenna Brownlee) or remnants of painted logos and art from decades and centuries past (nicknamed "ghost art"). Both are fun to watch for as you enjoy downtown Sioux City! 

Prairie Dogs & Newfoundland dogs

Art competitions in past years have offered area artists the chance to customize the same sculptural item in their own unique ways, and two of the most memorable have been prairie dogs, and newfoundland dogs. While many are no longer on display, it's still possible to find some of each around town! 

Grandview Park Water Towers 

For decades, the water towers atop the hill at Grandview Park have been one of Sioux City's best canvases for street art, some officially sanctioned and some not. The towers were torn down in early 2021, and there has not yet been a public announcement of what they'll be replaced with and whether any of the plans includes an intentional place for street art. 

Outdoor Art in Sioux Falls

Sculpture Walk

The Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk features a collection of over 60 sculptures, with new works each spring, scattered throughout the downtown Sioux Falls area. For more information, check out the Sioux Falls SculptureWalk website or visit the Sculpture Walk visitors center inside Washington Pavilion

Arc of Dreams

This beautiful sculpture reaches across the Big Sioux River in downtown Sioux Falls, spanning almost the length of a football field, but with a symbolic 15 foot gap at the top, representing taking a leap of faith to reach your dreams! For more information, visit the Experience Sioux Falls website

Sioux Falls Murals & Wall Art

Mural by Total Drag records, photo used with permission from Experience Sioux Falls

wall art at PAve, photo used with permission from Experience Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls has a myriad of beautiful murals and other pieces of art on walls around the city! Some favorites of visitors and residents include: 
  • Mural on the side of Total Drag record store, 307 East 12th St.
  • I Love You Sign on the side of PAve Bar, 130 North Phillips Ave.
  • Multiple murals at Sixth & Phillips, including one with the words "Sioux Falls"

Outdoor Art in other Siouxland Communities

Ice Cream Cones in Le Mars

giant ice cream cone sculpture in Le Mars Iowa at the Wells Blue Bunny visitors center

In Le Mars, giant ice cream cone sculptures are found at various businesses, all uniquely painted. Other than the extra huge one in front of the Wells Blue Bunny Visitors Center, the large ice cream cone scupltures were initially painted as part of a special event and many have been taken down or moved, but you can still see some around town if you look closely!

Barn Quilts

Throughout rural Woodbury County and other parts of Siouxland, watch for "barn quilts"! These are huge paintings on the sides of barns in the patterns of a quilt block, and they're all unique. At the Woodbury County Fair each summer, you can catch photos of some of the prettiest from around the county!

Sculpture Walks

Vermillion, SD and Yankton, SD are both home to many beautiful and interesting sculptures! Check some of the most notable out on the South Dakota Sculpture Walk website (which is also a great resource for other South Dakota towns, so be sure to check it out if you're heading to other parts of the state as well!)

Outdoor Art Events in Siouxland

Besides all of these beautiful works of art, Siouxland is also home to several annual outdoor arts festivals, mostly in late summer. If food trucks, live music, and spectacular art available to purchase sounds like an amazing way to spend a day, you won't want to miss these: 

Alley Arts Festival

Sioux City, IA
Celebrate street art with this annual festival! At downtown Sioux City's Alley Arts Festival, muralists and visitors can paint Sioux City's alleys into surprising, exciting, and beautiful creations! For more information, visit Sioux City Downtown Partners.

Art Splash 

Sioux City, IA
The Sioux City Art Center's annual outdoor arts festival is one of Siouxland's best. In the past, it's been held at a variety of places including along the Missouri riverfront, at Riverside Park, and starting in 2021, it's going to be held on the grounds of the Art Center! Art Splash is usually held on the weekend of Labor Day. Find out more on the Sioux City Art Center website

Art in the Park at Latham Park

Sioux City, IA
This intimate arts festival features local and regional artists, plus live music, at one of Siouxland's best kept secret. Latham Park is small but beautiful and packs a powerful punch at their art event! More information is available on the Latham Park website

Sidewalk Arts Festival

Sioux Falls, SD

Washington Pavilion hosts this FREE outdoor arts festival annually in Sioux Falls, with tons of artists, vendors, activities, and even a kids zone! Definitely a can't miss event for art loves in the Siouxland area! For more information, check out Washington Pavilion's Sidewalk Arts Festival page!

Yankton Area Arts Summer Arts Festival

Yankton, SD
Yankton Area Arts hosts a summer arts festival in mid-August each year during Yankton's Riverboat Days festival. At the festival, at Riverside Park along the Missouri River, visitors will find a wide variety of art from more than 100 artists and vendors. More information is available on the Yankton Area Arts website

PS: I'm working on getting good quality photos of as many of these works of art as I can myself, but it may take a long time! If you have a great pic I can include, please e-mail it to me at SiouxlandFamiliesBlog [at] gmail!


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