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Charlie Brown Christmas Live at the Sioux City Orpheum Dec. 6th, 2022!

If you're looking for classic Christmas fun for all ages, the Orpheum has you covered. Check out the full details on the upcoming production of Charlie Brown Christmas Live in Sioux City:  

The cast of Charlie Brown Christmas live poses with presents and a wreath

What is Charlie Brown Christmas Live?

Charlie Brown Christmas Live is live stage version of the classic Christmas special movie based on the Peanuts comic book series by Charles M. Schulz, featuring the iconic score by Vince Guaraldi performed live by a three-piece band. The show has a 20-minute intermission, and a total 90-minute run time. All ages are welcome, and the show is recommended especially for ages 4-12 and for Peanuts fans of any age!

When and where is Charlie Brown Christmas Live in Sioux City?

the classic drawing of Charlie Brown and his Christmas tree sit next to details sharing at the Charlie Brown Christmas show will be live at the Sioux City Orpheum on December 6 at 7pm

Charlie Brown Christmas Live will be performed on Tuesday, December 6th, 2022, at 7pm at the Sioux City Orpheum Theatre. The Orpheum is located at 528 Pierce Street in downtown Sioux City. There is some street parking nearby (and street parking in Sioux City is free after 5pm on weekdays! Yay!), as well as some ramps, but it can fill up quickly, so plan on arriving early enough to plan to walk a few blocks if necessary. 

How to get tickets to Charlie Brown Christmas Live

You can buy tickets to Charlie Brown Christmas Live at the Sioux City Orpheum online at, in-person at the Tyson Events Center box office, or by calling (712)279-4850. Tickets start at $25 for balcony seating.

The cast of Charlie Brown Christmas Live dances comically while Charlie Brown panics

Getting ready for the Charlie Brown Christmas Live

Buying tickets is really the only thing you have to do to be ready for the show. But for extra fun:

  • Grab your blue dress, yellow tee, or blankie so you can dress up as your favorite Peanuts character!
  • Watch Charlie Brown Christmas on DVD (affiliate link) or streamed
  • Listen to the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack (affiliate link)
  • Color your favorite Peanuts characters in a FREE official coloring sheet


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