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The String Conspiracy by Candace Freilich: Midwest Book Review

Happy Book Birthday Candace!!

I love book reviews and do a lot of them, but this one is extra special because the author is dear friend of mine. She is actually my husband's younger cousin, and I feel so lucky that extended-family-by-marriage turned into a friendship! Anyway, this is Candace's debut novel and I'm so excited to tell you all about it! 

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About the author

Candace Freilich is an Omaha, Nebraska-based mom of three. She has a degree in engineering, which really shines in the book's technical elements, and she is also an excellent writer and storyteller. I can't wait to see what else she dreams up for us to read!

Her author website is here or you can follow Candace Freilich on Twitter.

The String Conspiracy

blue cover art of Candace Freilich novel The String Conspiracy against a black background.
Cover art used with permission from Candace Freilich
The String Conspiracy is a science fiction novel focusing on an engineer named Jo, who ends up entangled in a dangerous international political fiasco spurred by a mysterious organization. There are conniving bad guys, cool future tech, seeming allies who end up showing their true colors (some heroic, some treacherous and some in between), and lots of exciting action scenes. 

Jo's world is inspired by string theory, which I thought was really creative. I have heard of "string theory" but never would've thought to create this whole amazing world based loosely on it. I found the world building in The String Conspiracy convincing and coherent, which is good because she is calling it book 1 of "the Resonance Series" so I'm hoping that means there are more stories yet to come in the world of Jo and her friends!

Overall, as a fan of science fiction in general, I thought it was pretty great! It's a fun romp through space with a spunky female protagonist and her crew of friends and allies, with enough twists to keep it exciting but not so many that it becomes hard to follow. It was a reasonably quick read, which kept me engaged and wanting more in a good way. I could definitely see this being made into a movie that I would want to watch.

While The String Conspiracy is an adult novel and does not feel juvenile to read, it also does not include any content that I would consider inappropriate for teens, so I would definitely recommend it for high-schoolers and adults looking for a new sci-fi read. I especially think this would be great for anyone looking for sci-fi with strong female protagonists and I definitely would have loved it myself as a teen girl reader. There is a small amount of non-spicy romance between some characters, some violence, and some mention of genocide and severe oppression of a group of people, so parents would likely want to read it before letting a tween or middle schooler read it so you can discuss those elements with your child. 

Where to Buy The String Conspiracy

The String Conspiracy was previously published in serial format as a Kindle Vella title. As of April 20th, 2023, (affiliate link ahead:)The String Conspiracy is available in paperback and eBook form from Amazon

Congrats to Candace on a spectacular first novel! I can't wait to read more. 


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