New Pizza Hut Now Open at Lakeport Target!

If you're a regular shopper at the Target near Lakeport Commons shopping area, you've probably noticed that the Pizza Hut area has been shut down and under construction for a while. It is now open, with new decor, new seating, and delicious new menu items! I grabbed a snack there with my toddler and we were impressed with the new look and enjoyed our food quite a bit. We had the new "Twisty Stick" which is basically a buttery, round, twisted breadstick with mozzarella inside and Italian seasonings outside, with a side of marinara dipping sauce. And it was only $1, which is awesome for a quick snack at Target! I definitely forsee myself getting many more of those this winter when visiting Target on cold weather days!

Here's a peek at the new menu:
I don't know how long these will be the prices (I assume at least somewhat long term), but today, the Twisty Sticks are $1, the pizzas about $5 (slight variance depending on specific pizza chosen) and the frozen custard was $2.75. There were also a bunch of snack items in a cute little bin for various prices. I thought they had a nice blend of healthy snacks like fruit, classic snacks like crackers and chips, and festive seasonal treats like candy corn. It seems like it'd always be pretty easy for my kids and I to find inexpensive options that we really like. 

The Target employees were polite and energetic and seemed to be doing really well with the new menu items-they didn't appear to mess up any orders or run out of anything while I was there. Overall I'd say the new Pizza Hut cafe in Target is a big success and definitely worth checking out!