Grocery Pickup Now in Sioux City!

Sioux City residents can now use grocery ordering and pickup!

Walmart rolled out online grocery ordering with free local pickup in other parts of the country recently, and it is now available in Sioux City! I tried it out with my kids and here is how it went:


First, you have to create a login ID if you don't have one yet. This is a pretty standard online account creation process so I won't really waste your time explaining it. E-mail, address, etc.

Next, fill your cart!

I checked and was able to find all the groceries I wanted pretty easily. One feature I wish they had was to sort by price. Like I needed tortilla chips but didn't really care which brand. If I could sort by price (or even better, price per oz!) it would have made it a lot easier to make my decision. I did really love that they show the price per ounce though. It can be hard to find on the store labels sometimes, and hard to wrangle kids and compare, but on the website it was really easy, and I could find the best price per ounce on cooking oil and then go take care of kids and then come back and pick which chips and salsa I wanted. Another improvement I would love to see in the future would be a way to use manufacturer coupons. I never saw an option to use coupons other than room to put in one  Walmart discount code near the end. Speaking of which...

If you make your first order using that link, or a referral link from another friend, you get $10 off your order, and your friend gets a $10 referral bonus! So be sure to get a $10 off code from someone even if you don't use mine, because why waste *your* money when you could get some treats (I recommend Dove chocolates with sea salt and caramel, personally) on Walmart's dime just for trying their website out?
just sayin'

But when you do pay for the other part of your order, it is a pretty simple process. You choose your time slot, which looks like it has to be at least 6 hours in the future, and you enter in your phone number and payment method. Here is what they accept right now for payment:

Then another interesting feature is to accept substitutions or not. It says if the item you wanted is unavailable, they will replace it with another similar item of equal or greater value at no extra cost to you--so while it is a risk (what counts as similar: just a different size, or maybe different brand? different flavor?)  it could also result in some fun surprises, like getting a larger size of something yummy for free!

And then you submit!


When your order is submitted they send you a cool e-mail to tell you that they got it, and where to park:

And then they send another e-mail when it is actually ready:
You can either use the app to check in that you're on your way, or you can call them (they suggest 10 minutes ahead of time, but basically, give them enough time to get your stuff while you're driving but not so long your ice cream melts). Then you drive there. The pickup area, as shown on the map, is on the South side of the building, so the Dairy Queen/Sonic side, not the KTIV side, which should be the left side of the building if you are in the parking lot facing the store.
Don't worry, the car was not moving when I took this and no cars were coming!
So then you park in a little stall like you're ordering a cherry limeade at Sonic and wait for them to come out! I couldn't get store internet out there, so that could be a cool thing to improve in the future.
And then a Walmart employee comes out and gives you your groceries! My order was complete and completely correct. And according to my car it was 99 degrees out. Not having to take my kids out of the car and lug groceries and small people around in 90 degree weather was so amazing.
groceries I did not lug around in 99 degree weather
And as an added bonus, they are giving cute little tote bags of sample products to all new users! Mine had some sparkling water, granola bars, and gum. The Walmart employee who helped me said they have quite a few of them and will be giving them to all new users for quite a while, but didn't know exactly how long.
cute bag that got instantly claimed by my preschooler
surprise free samples!

The Walmart online grocery ordering system isn't perfect, but for a brand new program they're just rolling out, it is pretty great. I am looking forward to seeing what they add in the future and will definitely use it again, especially when it is bad weather and I don't want to get kids out of the car. I will probably do this more than I will actually go in the store!

I did not go inside and compare prices, but for the items I buy often enough to know the prices, they were the same as in the store. Plus the $10 off I used made it basically 20% off  the regular Walmart prices! If you would like to try Walmart online grocery ordering, don't forget to use a referral code from me or someone else to get $10 off your first order of $50 or more too! Have fun shopping!