Michael Cody Drury at the Sioux City Art Center

in background, dirty wooden paintbrushes in a bundle against gray. in foreground, the words "Infinite Jux by Michael Cody Drury at the Sioux City Art Center" and "SiouxlandFamilies.com" and "Facebook.com/SiouxlandFamilies"

The Sioux City Art Center's latest exhibit is Infinite Jux by Michael Cody Drury, opening 1/25/2020. Here's what you should know about it:

Who is Michael Cody Drury?

Michael Cody Drury is an artist from Sioux City! While he currently lives and paints in NYC, he is a Siouxland native, and attended both West High School and Morningside College. His last exhibition in Sioux City was at Morningside's Eppley Auditorium in 2007 according to his website.

What kind of art does Michael Cody Drury make?

Michael Cody Drury is primarily an abstract painter.

Where can I find out more about Michael Cody Drury?

Check out his website or follow him on Instagram as @liminalisms! If searching for him online, be sure to use his middle name--there is another artist who goes by Michael Drury too. Here's a peek from his ig at Michael Cody Drury's painting style:

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Infinite Jux at the Sioux City Art Center

Infinite Jux is Michael Cody Drury's exhibit at the Sioux City Art Center and consists of a series of beautiful abstract paintings. There may also be a few pieces from his previous collections.  The exhibit opens with a free reception on Saturday, Jan 25th, 2020 from 5-7pm, which includes hors do'oeuvres, drinks, and a talk from the artist himself on 1/25/2020.

I'll have more information and some photos after I get to check it out myself at the art center!

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