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Best Pizza in Siouxland

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Looking for the best pizza in Sioux City and other parts of Siouxland?
I'm excited to tell you about the great pizzerias in and around Sioux City to get delicious pizza. We have a surprising number of tasty options for a city our size, each unique, and there's sure to be one that is exactly the kind of pizza you love. And as a special bonus, our friends at 1000 Degrees Pizza Sioux City are sponsoring a giveaway for a $25 giftcard in honor of National Pizza Day, so be sure to enter on the Siouxland Families Blog Facebook page!

Locally owned pizza restaurants in Siouxland

a canadian bacon pizza sits in a white cardboard box that says 1000 Degrees Pizza on the side
Photo by Becca Feauto, used with permission from 1000 Degrees Pizza Sioux City.

  • 1000 Degrees Pizza
    • Our 2020 National Pizza Day giveaway sponsor, 1000 Degrees, is a locally owned franchise of a national chain known for  Neapolitan style pizza. Owner John and his team use slow risen dough for optimal taste and texture, and then use their high heat ovens to cook custom-made pizzas in just 2 minutes! They're also known for their wings and salads.
    • Visit the 10000 Degrees Pizza website for more information or to order online, connect with them on Instagram, or Facebook,  or call (712)274-3784. 
  • El Fredo's
    • A favorite of families from all over, but especially those from the west and north sides of town, El Fredo's is known for its zingy sauce, risen crusts, and overall great flavor. They now have two locations, one just west of Hamilton Blvd and one in the Morningside neighborhood.
    • Find them on Facebook or by calling (712)258-0691 for the original El Fredo's or (712)276-5900 for the Morningside location 
  • Jerry's
    • Jerry's is another classic Sioux City pizzeria, and a particular favorite for people who grew up in the Morningside neighborhood where it started in 1959. Jerry's has expanded to a location just off of Hamilton as well, keeping the rivalry alive. Jerry's is known for fantastic thin crusts and a mild sauce. 
    • Check out the Jerry's website or call (712)276-1359 for the Morningside location, (712)494-6503 for delivery from Morningside to Sergeant Bluff or South Sioux, or (712)252-5105 for their northside location, which delivers to Dakota Dunes as well as Sioux City
  • P's Pizza House
    • P's is a modern, upscale pizzeria, with delicious coal-fired pizza as well as flatbreads, pasta, wings, and an extensive drinks menu with a focus on bourbon and craft beers. 
    • Visit the P's Pizza House website or call (605)540-0878 for their Dakota Dunes location, (712)546-8777 for their LeMars location, or (712)737-9077 for their Orange City location.
  • Bob Roe's Point After
    • Bob Roe's is at its heart a sports bar, and a place to gather after watching sports at our local stadiums and arenas, with their original location just a few blocks from Morningside College. But it's a family friendly sports bar, and the pizza is tough to beat. Great for carryout or to eat there and play arcade games at their original location or watch sports on tv at any of their 3 locations!
    • Visit the Bob Roe's Point After website or call (712)276-5902 for the Transit Ave location, (712) 252-3864 for Bob Roe's Westside Pizza on W. 4th Street, or (712)522-2834 for Bob Roe's North End Zone in Leeds
  • Marto Brewing Co.
    • Marto Brewing Co. is a downtown Sioux City brewery with an extensive drinks list, including 11 in-house flavors of beer, but they've also developed a reputation for delicious pizza from their wood-fired oven!
    • For more about Marto Brewing Co., check out their website or call (712)560-3397
  • Tony's
    • Tony's pizza serves up authentic Italian fare and their slogan "Italian Food Made By Italians" is backed up with an old Italian recipe, imported spices, and traditional techniques. Regulars rave about the braided crust.
    • Visit the Tony's Pizza Facebook page or call (712)258-0507 for delivery or carryout
  • Rosie's
    • Rosie's is South Sioux City's premiere pizzeria, known for generous portions of classic unique ingredients from sausage and pepperoni to shrimp or sauerkraut and delicious combinations like Taco Pizza and Hot Fireball Express
    • Check out Rosie's on Facebook or call (402)494-2999
  • Townhouse
    • Townhouse is another classic Siouxland sports bar, known in particular for their delicious wings (Townhouse's "Wings Wednesday" is legendary in Sioux City!), and their delicious pizza with fresh homemade crusts. 
    • Check out the Townhouse website or call (712)252-5166 

Midwest chain pizza restaurants in Siouxland

  • Casey's
    • If you're visiting or new to the area, you might be surprised to find a gas station on this list, but it's no fluke! Casey's gas stations are known across the Midwest, especially Iowa, as a great place to find pizza. Fans especially rave about their breakfast pizza!
    • Visit the Casey's website for more information or to order online.
  • Pizza Ranch
    • This regional chain is best known for its all-you-can-eat buffet filled with dozens of delicious flavors of pizza and amazing dessert pizza, plus some of the area's best fried chicken, but they also offer carryout and delivery if you can't make it to eat in restaurant!
    • Visit the Pizza Ranch website for more information or to order online.

National chain pizza restaurants in Siouxland

  • Pizza Hut
    • The classic pizza chain has 3 locations in Sioux City and a Pizza Hut Express inside the Sioux City Target store, plus Pizza Hut restaurants in South Sioux City, LeMars, and Sioux Center.
    • Visit the Pizza Hut website for more information or to order online.
  • Domino's
    • There are two Domino's locations in Sioux City and one in Vermillion
    • Visit the Dominos website for more info or to order online.
  • Papa John's
    • There are two Papa John's locations in Sioux City
    • Visit the Papa John's website for more information or to order online.
  • Papa Murphy's
    • there is one Papa Murphy's location in Sioux City 
    • Visit the Papa Murphy's website for more information or to order online.
  • Godfather's
    • There are Godfather's locations in Sioux City, Dakota Dunes, LeMars, Wakefield, Vermillion, Sioux Center, Wayne, and Onawa.
    • Visit the Godfather's website for more information or to order online.

at top, ", in center, a closeup of a hamburger pizza from El Fredos, at bottom "Best Pizza in Siouxland"

Have a favorite Sioux City area pizzeria I missed? Let me know in the comments or send me an e-mail and I'll add your favorite Siouxland pizza to the list! 


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