May 2020 Siouxland Events

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Every month, I bring you a list of fun events and activities for kids and families. This month, I'm going to do that, but with a special twist in light of the unique times we are living through. All of these events are virtual and/or social distancing friendly, so you can enjoy them from your comfy couch, or dance along in your living room, or go on your own time when no one else is around! And I will update it throughout the month as new virtual fun is announced (and if there is a major change to state of the world and in-person gatherings become safe, I'll start posting them again too!)I'm also including some silly holidays from the National Day Calendar in addition to the big ones you probably celebrate every year. Don't feel obligated to celebrate them, but if you're looking for some fun things to do to liven up quarantine with kids, maybe they will inspire you!

  • Fri 5/1
    • May Day
  • Sat 5/2

  • Sun 5/3
  • Mon 5/4
    • May the Fourth Be With You! (Star Wars Day!)
    • Strings Week with the Sioux City Symphony

  • Tues 5/5
    • Cinco de Mayo
    • 3pm: Reference Roundtable Live with the Sioux City Public Library, more info here
  • Weds 5/6
    • National Nurses Day
    • 10:30am: Library Storytime with the Sioux City Public Library via FB Live, more info here
  • Thurs 5/7
    • National Day of Prayer
    • 3pm: Reference Roundtable Live with the Sioux City Public Library, more info here
  • Fri 5/8
  • Sat 5/9
    • Donkey Dash 5k social distancing style (all weekend), more details here

  • Sun 5/10
    • Mother's Day
  • Mon 5/11
  • Tues 5/12
  • Weds 5/13
    • National Frog Jumping Day
  • Thurs 5/14
    • National Dance Like a Chicken Day
  • Fri 5/15
    • National Pizza Party Day
  • Sat 5/16
    • National Love a Tree Day

  • Sun 5/17
  • Mon 5/18
    • National No Dirty Dishes Day (have your kids celebrate this one!!)
  • Tues 5/19
  • Weds 5/20
  • Thurs 5/21
  • Fri 5/22
    • National Vanilla Pudding Day
  • Sat 5/23

  • Sun 5/24
    • National Scavenger Hunt Day (stay tuned for a special Siouxland social distancing scavenger hunt!)
  • Mon 5/25
    • Memorial Day
  • Tues 5/26
    • National Paper Airplane Day
  • Weds 5/27
  • Thurs 5/28
  • Fri 5/29
  • Sat 5/30
    • National Creativity Day 

  • Sun 5/31
    • National Smile Day

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