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Best FREE Printables for Kids from Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota

One of the fun things I've discovered in the past two years is how many Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota attractions, agencies, and businesses have free printable worksheets, activity sheets, coloring sheets, or other fun for kids on their websites! These fun printables are great for any kid, including kids who are homeschooling, planning a trip to one of these sites, to supplement learning in school, or just to color and complete for fun! So here are some of the best I've found, and I'll update this post as I find more: 

in background, a row of fresh crayons against a light gray tabletop. in foreground, the words "FREE printables from Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota"

If you know of a fun printable from Iowa, Nebraska, or South Dakota that I haven't found yet, please email me or leave a comment so I can get it added to the list!

PS: Need a printer? I use this one (affiliate link-your price doesn't change but I get a tiny bit of Amazon's profits if you choose to buy through this link):

and LOVE it. I have a Brother brand sewing machine and a Brother brand embroidery machine and love both, so after going through cheap, low-quality printers like they were chewing gum, I finally decided to go for this one, that is still fairly budget-friendly (for a printer anyway), but a lot higher quality than any of the others I've tried. And I love that the ink colors are separate, so you don't have to replace the entire color ink cartridge if two colors are still full and only one is empty. You can just replace each color at the speed you actually use it! 


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