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Family Guide to Sioux City's ArtSplash

Sioux City's biggest and best art festival is here! I went for the first time as a Morningside student and enjoyed seeing it with my parents, and it's so fun to see this great event continuing even now that I'm a mom of four including a middle-schooler. Talk about a long-lasting tradition! Here's what families should know about this annual arts event:

in the background, textured brushstrokes of primary rainbow colored paint. in foreground, the words "guide to Art Splash" and ""

What is ArtSplash

a girl with strawberry blonde hair crinkles her nose and grins as she holds up a clothespin caterpillar craft from ArtSplash 2022
Caterpillar craft from ArtSplash 2022

ArtSplash is a two-day celebration of primarily visual arts and live music in downtown Sioux City, hosted by the Sioux City Art Center. The festival celebrates artists from a variety of mediums, with a focus on regional and local artists, and includes art you can see, buy, and even make! ArtSplash also includes hands-on projects for all ages, food vendors, and lots of other fun. 

colorful metal sculptures in geometric shapes adorn a display at ArtSplash
Sculptural pieces at a booth at ArtSplash 2022

2022 admission to the festival is free for all ages, but hands-on projects, food, and any art or other vendor wares you choose to buy are not included with admission. And you're definitely going to want to buy some if it's in your budget right now! There were so many gorgeous pieces at the 2022 festival from jewelry to pottery to paintings and photography and beyond. I bought some earrings from South Sioux City jewelry artist Ambrosia, and they're so pretty!

custom jewelry and leather handbags from Ambrosia at Sioux City ArtSplash Festival
Jewelry and leather bags from South Sioux City's Ambrosia Designs

When is ArtSplash?

a child's hand is reaching for his ribbon potatoes in a carboard container at ArtSplash 2022
Ribbon potatoes were one of many food items available at ArtSplash 2022

ArtSplash is almost always on Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend; for 2022 the festival will be held on Saturday, September 3rd and Sunday, September 4th from 10am to 5pm on both days. Movie showings for the film festival are at the even numbered hours, so 10am, noon, 2pm, and 4pm on both days.

Where is ArtSplash?

ArtSplash has taken place in many locations in the past, including the riverfront and Riverside Park, but the 2022 ArtSplash festival will take place at the Sioux City Art Center in downtown Sioux City. The official address is 225 Nebraska Street in Sioux City, IA. The parking at the Sioux City Art Center itself will be used for festival booths, stages, and other fun, so visitors need to park elsewhere.  There are lots of spots on nearby downtown streets (and metered parking is free on weekends!) but there are also tons of free parking spots at the Tyson Events Center, and there will be a free shuttle running between ArtSplash and the Tyson, so that is where the majority of Art Splash visitors are encouraged to park. 

Featured Artist at Art Splash

Mike Jones is the 2022 Signature Artist. Jones is a longtime Sioux Citian, currently an art professor at WIT, and currently specializes in photo collage. His works showcase his huge talent and his mastery of the geometry and color theory of photography and collage, and I think anyone who sees them will find them interesting and quite worthy of this honor. Congratulations to Mr. Jones on being chosen for this!

ArtSplash will also have art to view and art to buy from dozens of other artists across mediums including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, jewelry, fiber arts, and more! It would honestly be difficult to even look at them all when attending Art Splash, but I encourage you to look at as many as you can because they are all so talented and their works are all so unique!

jewelry at a booth at Sioux City Art Splash 2022

photography for sale at a Sioux City ArtSplash booth

Live Entertainment at Art Splash

ArtSplash features live musical performances throughout both days of the festival. 2022 concerts include:

  • The Langleys
  • Madison Avenue
  • The Cardinal Sound
  • Noah Towns & The Other Brothers
  • Paige Rose

Art Splash Kids Zone

The Sioux City Art Splash Kids Zone is actually two zones: the Kids Art Zone and the Kids Fun Zone. 

blank wooden animal puzzles plus one finished example of each are lined up on a table at the 2022 Sioux City ArtSplash kids area
3-D Animal Puzzles waiting for kids to decorate them at Art Splash 2022

The Kids Art Zone is full of hands-on art projects for kids. To participate, you have to buy tickets for $1 each, and then each project costs a certain number of tickets. There are seven projects scheduled for 2022: 

  • Snap Bracelets: 2 tickets
  • Sun Catchers: 2 tickets
  • Wooden Snakes: 3 tickets
  • Wacky Sunglasses: 4 tickets
  • 3-D Wooden Animal Puzzles: 5 tickets
  • Model Magic Monsters: 5 tickets
  • Spray Bottle Painting: 5 tickets
  • Mosaic Tiles: 6 tickets

I went with family, and we found that about 10 tickets per kid was good--that's enough to do one "big" project and 2 smaller projects. For my kids and nephews, ages 3-8, that was all the patience they had for doing projects. Tweens who love art, or families going on both days, might be able to use more tickets and do closer to all of the projects. One change I would love to see in future years though would be to include some more tween and teen oriented projects though, like maybe some jewelry making and/or a more complicated painting project like they sometimes do on Saturday afternoons.

various small glass pieces and beads sit amidst grout in a child's tile mosaic at ArtSplash 2022
Mosaic tile project for kids at the 2022 Art Splash Festival

The Kids Fun Zone is where you'll find magic shows, face painting, and more! Performers for 2022 include Rainbow Trout, the face-painting clown; Amazing Arthur, an Omaha-based performer who offers mentalist magic shows and comedy hypnotism according to his website; and Jered the Incredible, who I couldn't find a website for but appears to also be a comedy magician. The Sioux City Art Center also let me know that Amazing Arthur and Jered the Incredible will be doing balloon art at ArtSplash 2022!  

a boy in an orange plaid shirt draws on a wooden toy snake at Art Splash 2022, as seen from above
Wooden snake project at ArtSplash 2022

There were also various free crafts inside the art center, sponsored by local non-profits, like clothespin caterpillars from the Junior League and slap bracelets from the Humane Society. And there were gold and silver stars to decorate inside the theater area!

More information

To find out more about the Sioux City Art Center's Art Splash, visit the ArtSplash page on the Sioux City Art Center website

a plume of neon colors splashes up from the word "artsplash" in white on a red tote bag from the 2022 Sioux City ArtSplash festival

To find out more about the Art Center, check out my full guide to the Sioux City Art Center!

ArtSplash is definitely one of Sioux City's most fun annual events and it's a great way to spend a little of your Labor Day weekend making some art and some happy memories together with your loved ones, so I hope you get the chance to check it out!


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