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What's New in Siouxland Summer 2019

If you've lived in Sioux City very long, or even visited much, you might think you've seen all there is to see. But there's actually tons of new fun to discover! Here are some of the top new exhibits, attractions, and upgrades in Siouxland for summer 2019:

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What's New

Wells Blue Bunny Visitors Center and Ice Cream Parlor

Captivating soda jerk feature in the newly renovated ice cream parlor

New rooftop garden at the Blue Bunny Parlor

The iconic Wells Blue Bunny Parlor in the company's hometown (and ice cream capitol of the world!), LeMars, Iowa, just about a half hour north of Sioux City, has been totally renovated with new interactive displays, a rooftop dining area, and gorgeous d├ęcor that provides the perfect background for enjoying their delicious ice cream and other treats. The Wells Blue Bunny Visitors Center and Ice Cream Parlor re-opened early in June 2019, and for more info on the updates there, you can check out my Wells Blue Bunny Visitors Center and Ice Cream Parlor post!

Bandits and Heroes exhibit at the Sioux City Public Museum

This summer, catch the new exhibit "Bandits and Heroes" at the Sioux City Public Museum to learn about the history and culture of northeast Brazil. In this region, indigenous people, African slaves, and European colonists (mostly Portuguese and Spanish) came together, some by choice and many by force. They blended their artistic, musical, and religious traditions to form a unique culture. At the Bandits and Heroes exhibit at the Sioux City Public Museum, you get a colorful taste of the result. For more information, check out my post about the Bandits and Heroes exhibit at the Sioux City Public Museum.

Toddler Playground at Miracle Field

Miracle Field at Riverside Park was already one of Sioux City's best places to play, and they've taken it up another notch by adding a toddler playground. The adorable small-scale play structures are just perfect for the under-5 crowd, and to the delight of parents, the new toddler play area is completely fenced in with only one way out!
Also new at Miracle Field this summer is a really fun, wheelchair-accessible spinning toy, a shade cover over the musical playground, and two new swings! Want to know more about Miracle Field? Check out my Miracle Field overview.

Missouri River Trail plaque

Since at least the early 1800's, fur trappers and native Americans followed a route through Siouxland, along the Missouri River, and in the early 1900's, a plaque was placed marking part of that trail, in what is now War Eagle Park. Over time, that plaque was lost. Sioux City historians recently uncovered the rock, and were able to order a replacement plaque from the same foundry where the original was forged! Now, visitors can see the rock and plaque, along with a nearby information plaque about the park. For more information on War Eagle Park, check out my War Eagle Monument and Park post.

Rose Hill Park and Splash Pad

Firetruck waterslide at Rose Hill

Firetruck play structure

Sioux City's newest splash pad is also its cutest, with a firefighting theme that extends through the splash pad and accompanying play structures. A fire truck that's really a waterslide and Dalmatians that spray water captivate the imagination and soak the swimsuits of all who visit! You can find out about all of who visit. You can find out about all of Sioux City's splash pads, including Rose Hill, in my Sioux City splash pad post.

Siouxland Artists Exhibition at the Sioux City Art Center

The Siouxland Artists Exhibition at the Sioux City Art Center is on the second floor of the Sioux City Art Center and puts the focus on local artists with pieces from a variety of mediums. Catch it quickly if you're interested, because it won't be here long--the Siouxland Artists Exhibition will be on display through September 1st.

Morningside Branch of the Sioux City Public Library

The Morningside Branch of the Sioux City Public Library was completely renovated over winter and spring, and is now officially re-opened to the public! Highlights include a colorful kids area anchored by a tree, a teen area with comfy seating, new computers, new self-checkout kiosks, several small meeting/work rooms, and a huge room for storytimes, classes, and other special events!

Coming Soon:

"Best of" exhibits at the Sioux City Art Center

Step into the past of the Sioux City Art Center as two exhibits open this summer and fall featuring some favorite works from earlier years of the Sioux City Art Center. The first, "Best of 1938-1988" will open on July 21s, while the second, "Best of 1988-2008" will open this September. 

The 2019 Woodbury County Fair

Kids Photography Contest entries and ribbons at the 2018 Woodbury County Fair

Every year there is fresh fun at the Woodbury County Fair, and 2019 is no exception! The 2019 Woodbury County Fair in Moville, Iowa, about 15 minutes east of Sioux City, will feature several new acts, plus several new competitions, including the "Trash to Treasure" upcycling challenge and a "Barns of Woodbury County" division of the photography contest. Head over to my 2019 Woodbury County Fair post for full details on this year's fair.

Sunflower Festival

Scarecrow Farm is full of so many fun activities for all ages including this Small, Small World zone for preschoolers!

Scarecrow Farm in Lawton, Iowa, about 10 minutes east of Sioux City, is hosting their first ever sunflower festival, on September 14th and 15th, 2019. The Sunflower Festival will include live music, family-friendly fun, delicious food, and tons of beautiful sunflowers, for $12 per person 3 years and older. More details coming soon!

Sioux City is always changing and upgrading, so keep your eyes open for new fun! I'll try to share it when I see it too!


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