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Guide to City Parks in Sioux City

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Consider this your ultimate guide to city parks in Sioux City! From disc golf to mini golf, laser tubing to rustic trails, from water slides to river views, new construction to historical monuments, Sioux City's city parks have it all. Below, you'll find addresses and a brief description for each of the city parks in Sioux City, Iowa. And as I write about them in more detail, I'll link to those posts from this page so you get the full view of the best city parks in Sioux City and our surrounding communities! My top picks for visitors have a * by them and include Bacon Creek Park , Riverside Park and Sertoma Park.

City Parks in Sioux City

*Bacon Creek Park

a brown and green play structure at Bacon Creek Park

  • 5015 Correctionville Road
  • Includes two playgrounds, picnic shelters, a dog park, and a 3-mile walking path which surrounds a small lake with docks for fishing and kayaking, plus mountain biking trails near the dog park area. 
  • Check out my full guide to Bacon Creek Park for more information!

Cecilia Park

  • Morningside Ave & Cecilia
  • One-acre park with a picnic shelter and a playground.

Center Street Stanford Park

  • 2100 Center Street
  • Six-acre park with picnic shelters, a playground, restrooms, and 3 baseball fields. 

Chautaqua Park
  • 3800 Harbor Drive
  • 46-acre park with a picnic area, a playground, restrooms, and 5 baseball fields.

Children's Park
    • W 15th & George
    • 1.5-acre park with a playground and a picnic shelter

*Chris Larsen Park

a bridge spans the Missouri River from Iowa to Nebraska in Sioux City

    • 1280 Larsen Park Road
    • 110-acre park along the Missouri River, with picnic shelters, the Anderson Dance Pavilion, playgrounds, and walking/biking paths that pass by these amenities as well as museums, historical monuments, and restaurants and which connect to trails extending both north and south to the wider Siouxland trails systems.
    • Also includes a public boat ramp that provides access to the Missouri River, which is commonly where the traditional RAGBRAI bike wheel dip occurs on years that RAGBRAI starts in Siouxland.

*Cone Park

    • 3800 Line Drive
    • 35-acre park with year-round fun on the west side of the same hill as Sertoma Park
    • Offers tubing and ice skating in winter and a splash pad, summer tubing and more in summer!

Cook Park

  • W 4th & Market St.
  • 10-acre park with a picnic shelter, restrooms, 2 basketball courts, a splash pad, a playground, and a skate park

Dale Street Park

  • 15th & Dale St.
  • 1-acre park with a playground and splash pad

Emerson Park
  • 5300 Glenn Ave.
  • 2-acre park with a playground and picnic area

Fairmount Park
  • Dace St. & South Irene St.
  • 2-acre park with a playground and tennis court

Goldie & Beck Park
  • Goldie Ave & Beck St
  • 3-acre park with a picnic shelter, playground, and two baseball fields.

*Grandview Park

an art deco bandshell sits at the bottom of a grassy hill

  • 24th St & Grandview Blvd
  • 32-acre park with a playground, disc golf course, beautiful Art Deco bandshell, and a rose garden!
  • Home to the Saturday in the Park music festival, usually the first weekend of July
  • Undergoing renovation in 2020s, with the old water towers coming down and replacement of some kind being built. Most of the park is still accessible and usable as of updating this post in spring of 2023, but the disc golf course is not yet. I hope they will put it back when the tower project is done, and I'll update again if they do!
  • For more info, check out my post all about Grandview Park!

Grandma Moos Park

  • 3rd & Cecelia
  • 1-acre park with a playground, picnic shelter, and basketball court.

Headid Park

  • 2404 Hawkeye
  • 12-acre park with 5 baseball diamonds, restrooms, and a concession stand

Headington Park
  • W. Lunah & Isabella St.
  • 4-acre park with a basketball court and playground equipment

Hillcrest Park
  • 14th & Pacific St.
  • 5-acre park with a playground and a picnic shelter

Hi-View Park
  • W. 4th St. & Oakland St.
  • 3-acre park with a playground and a picnic shelter

  • 2800 Jones
  • Historic baseball diamond with concrete dugouts and stadium seating, restored in the 2020s

Kirk Hanson Park
  • 2016 W. 19th St
  • 13-acre park with a playground, picnic shelter, restrooms, and five baseball fields

Kelly Park
  • Fall Ave & Carlin St.
  • 2-acre park with a picnic shelter and a playground

Krumann Park
  • 33rd and Dupont
  • 2-acre park with a playground

Leeds Park
  • 41st & Central
  • 2-acre park with a playground, picnic shelter, splash pad, and restrooms

Legacy Park
  • 3014 Glen Ellen
  • 11-acre park with a playground

Lewis Park

  • 1621 Sioux Trail
  • Adjacent to Morningside College campus
  • 12-acre park with a pool, playground, restroom six tennis courts, and greenspace

Leif Erickson Park
  • 30th & Virginia
  • 15-acre park with a pool, wheelchair accessible play structure, six tennis courts, one baseball field, large picnic shelter, futsal court, 9-hole disc golf course, and more!

Lyons Park
  • W. 1st & John
  • 3-acre park with a playground

Macomb Park
  • Macomb & Rustin St.
  • 1-acre park with a playground

Mid-City Park
  • 801 Court Street
  • 4-acre park with a picnic shelter and playground

Pearl Street Park

  • 620 Pearl Street
  • 5-acre park in downtown Sioux City right across the street from LaunchPad Children's Museum with a musical play area, sculptures, and paved walking path.
  • Hosts Food Truck Fridays on select Fridays in summer.

Prairie Park
a boy points at a sign featuring pictures of animals at Prairie Park in Sioux City

  • 3500 S. Lewis Blvd
  • 36-acre park with a one-mile walking trail around a pond in a prairie environment. Fishing permitted.
  • Find more info in my Prairie Park post.

Pulaski Park

  • 2400 Vine Ave.
  • 32-acre park with a playground, restrooms, concession stand, and 7 baseball fields.

Ravine Park
a deep ravine at Ravine Park in Sioux City

  • Lincoln Way & Lewis Boulevard
  • 120-acre park with hiking trails on a steep hill, plus an interesting historical monument to the first bride married in Sioux City and a spectacular view of the Missouri River.
  • Find out more in my Ravine Park & First Brides Grave post!

*Riverside Park

  • 1301 Riverside Boulevard
  • 100-acre park with several playgrounds, Siouxland's best public pool, Bruguier Cabin, many picnic tables & shelters, sand volleyball courts, pickleball courts, and Miracle Field Complex, which is Siouxland's most inclusive and accessible playground, with adaptive play equipment, wheelchair accessible mini-golf, two splash pads, and more!
  • Find out more about Miracle Field in my Miracle Field post

Rose Hill Park

a red play structure with a fire truck theme at Rose Hill Park
  • 1431 Grandview Blvd
  • .3-acre park with restrooms and a firefighter themed playground and splash pad
  • Find out more in my Rose Hill Park post.

Sgt. Floyd Memorial Park
  • S Lewis & Glenn Ave
  • 23-acre park which includes the Sgt. Floyd Monument, a unique obelisk with ties to Lewis & Clark which was the first site designated as a National Historic Landmark! There is also a picnic shelter and restrooms.

*Sertoma Park

  • 4225 S. Lancelot Lane
  • 42-acre park with a playground, a large shelter, walking paths, and an 18-hole disc golf course.
  • Mountain biking trails including a kids' area are being built in 2023.
  • On the east side of the same hill as Cone Park!

Smith Villa Heights Park

  • West 19th & Ruby
  • 1-acre park with a playground.

Strikers Field
  • 4900 S. Lewis Blvd
  • 47-acre park featuring 4 baseball diamonds, restrooms, and a concession stand.

Sunken Gardens Park
  • Jones Street between 28th and 29th
  • Small grassy park with large rocks that are actually smelted remnants from Sioux City's old elevated railway!

War Eagle Park
statue of Chief War Eagle at War Eagle Park in Sioux City

  • 4000 War Eagle Drive
  • 27-acre park which includes monuments to Chief War Eagle and his son-in-law Theophile Bruguier, as well as a stone marking the old fur trappers trail along the Missouri River
  • Find out more in my War Eagle Park post!

I hope you enjoy our Sioux City Parks! For more information on these parks, visit the Sioux City Parks & Rec Department. You might also be interested in my posts about Siouxland swimming pools & splash pads!


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